Caira Phoenix (Fan art/adaptation)


T’was my birthday yesterday and my friend drew this for me :blush:

It is I, Priscylla Renee Phoenix, in a Caira adaptation.

Whaddya think?

Just for kicks my kits would be:

Napalm Cluster bomb: similar to Behemoth’s Laval bomb but on a smaller scale, the projectile is much heavier than normal so has less range but when it hits a surfaces it breaks into several pieces that cause fire damage to anything near them and vanish after 3-5 seconds

Healing Ashes: healing nades do less initial healing but leave a cloud of ash when the denonate, that will steadily heal any ally standing within them, and vanish after 3-5 seconds

Phoenix Flight: temporarily boost jetpacks initial jump height and reduce glide fuel costs, the initial jump also causes a small fiery explosion, igniting nearby hostiles for a couple of seconds.

so whatcha think? :blush:
I’m pretty nerdy huh? :kissing:

my friend who drew this can be found here -

Lets give inspiration for a Tier 6/Adaptations to help out TRS!

Happy late B-Day! You should have said something! Also it’s awesome!


Oh, I don’t like a fuss or to cry out for attention.

I get all blushy when I’m the center of attention XD


Damn, it’s amazing! Although the idea of the healing ashes might not work, but it might also do, I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, happy birthday:


Idk, If those clouds lasted longer and fair had a reduced HB so most of her burst came from the heal burst but she also has the ability to create selective areas where overtime healing… Sounds like more solid healing than Emet IMO


Looks good. but I believe her adaption should be hatless. All the other adaptions have refreshing changes to their faces/heads and I would like Caira’s change to be removal of her hat, like Rogue Val.


Happy late birthday!


Thank you! ^^