Caira Perks (capacity is pointless)


Hello all!
Recently did a number crunch for Hank,and I’m back with a crunch for Caira!

Going to keep this one simple, and will explain the math/reasoning involved if anyone asks.

Scroll to bolded section for conclusions (Which are highly opinionated)

There are two healing amounts, team healing and self healing.
The numbers are assuming your heal burst is mainly for 1 person being focused, and also assume you nail every shot fired.
This is assuming maxed out perks.

The numbers presented are the INCREASE of healing potential per minute over the base level.
Numbers are slightly rounded as well for aesthetic purposes.

Double Class Ability Cool Down
Self: 350
Team: 350

Double Reload Speed
Self: 200
Team: 420

Double Capacity
Self: 145
Team: 300

Reload as Major Perk, Class Ability Cool Down as Superior
Self: 260
Team: 345

Class Ability Cool Down as Major, Reload as Superior
Self: 230
Team: 355

Packing capacity on Caira is completely pointless. In order to get the 5th shot you have to double down on the capacity perks, and the increase of healing potential for both your self healing and team healing is lower than any of the other options.

For the maximum self healing increase, doubling down on class ability perks is your best choice.

For the maximum team healing increase, doubling down on reload speed is by far the best option.

Keep in mind that heal burst affects multiple people at once, if your enemy spreads out damage more so than focusing one person then the effectiveness of heal burst is drastically increased.

Picking a mix of reload and capacity perks is OK, but a higher gain can be had from doubling down on class ability cool down.

Overall I personally would select my perks based upon the assault. If I have a Hank on the team I’ll use double reload perks, as Hank should protect me should I be focused.

If I am without an active shielding support, I’ll use double class ability cool down perks, for a much higher self heal, and a very moderate-slightly high increase in team healing.


This alone was the reason I disliked the nerf to tier 3 capacity so much. I used to go reload, Capacity before nerf.


Yeah, currently the tier 3 max capacity adds .88 of a grenade, which is not quite enough for the game to jsut give you the 5.

Probably by design :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep that was quite a hit I prefered reload-capacity to double reload too. Such a bs change I wish they would change it again.


Yeah it’s real drag when I saw capacity get nerfed. I wonder what other nerfs are planned for Hunters. Magazine based weapons took a hard hit with how nerfed capacity is now when it use to be like 60% increase back in legacy?


Well do keep in mind you get multiple perks now, and stacking the capacity perks gets you around 40% total IIRC (will double check when I get to my PC)

Given the faster nature of the new evolve huge capacities (particularly on shields) would be quite disrupting to the flow.


I’d like magazines and batteries to have different capacity values so it doesn’t screw Caira over, for batteries I can see why it would take a nerf hit, but it’s probably time consuming to implement that for now.


Perks should work independent for some hunters. So one hunter gets useful bonus and another doesn’t get too much from the same perk.


There shoud be a separate thread to ask this to hapen no joke. I miss the reload-capacity on Caira already :pensive:


Taking capacity +reload last time for extra nades is the most fun combo for caira… now it’s either double capacity or reload+swap perk… sad but true