Caira perks after patch 5.0

What perks do you use with Caira now after the patch? @moiser I know you love her

Reload speed is definitely the best perk at this point for Caira.

Use the real medics, Caira is trash as medic and person

Reload speed all the way

Reload speed. Cap doesn’t work anymore.

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People answered before me it seems :s

But yeah, it was pretty much a 50/50 split between capacity and reload before the patch, just depended on what I felt like taking, both were good.

But capacity now only gives you 5 nades instead of 6 so that makes capacity kinda makes it useless on her. Reload is easily the go-to perk for her now.

Rip 6th nade 2015-2015, you will be missed ;-;


I’m torn up about that. DDD: I enjoyed Cap Caira a lot, and I was much much better as her. Reload Caira’s not as fun, and she’s taking a lot of getting used to. I keep forgetting that I only have 4 in a clip and forgetting to get in for a burst. :stuck_out_tongue:

That aside, Reload is prettymuch the only thing to take on Caira now.

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I actually enjoy playing her. It’s been awhile since I have. I selected a random Hunter last night and got her. I wasn’t sure what to take, so I took reload speed. But was just curious what the consensus was for her.

Thanks guys for the input. I think that answers my question. @MidnightRoses you can close this now. Thank you.

As you wish.