Caira OP, reasons from Seasoned player


Played Alpha, Beta all that shit… I am so SWAG look at me.

You can read this shit or you can call me a Noob I don’t care. I am just stating some facts about a broken charracter.
Firstly, yes this is pretty much same thread as this> Abe and Caira OP AF
The OP didn’t really come up with any actuall/factuall arguments imho so I am without shame plagiarizing his Thread.

This goes out to people who don’t understand why Caira is OP:

You know the annoying trick of flying up and down a cliff/platform/whatever?
Well Caira can do it whilst spamming AOE heal against the wall which is often impossible to deal with for Melee Monsters. (Kraken cant outdamage her Healing untill Stage3 anyway so she pretty much facetanks him. And no, you wont hit Lightning against any competent player, ever.)
Speaking of Kraken, she can sustain a Downed teammate almost indefinitely against Kraken.
She also has speed Boost in a game where Running around is like 80-90% of the game.

So in Conclusion: Combining her Speed, Self heals and some basic movement shenanigans she is the Hardest Hunter to Down. Period.
If Hank is present Caira is unkillable.

You might say this makes her a Good Hunter not necessary an OP Hunter.
Believe me, in good hands she negates any chances of even downing a Teammate before Stage 3 to all Monsters, but Wraith. Wraith will pay in Health for that Downed Hunter tho…
(if they get downed, its their fault… they don’t know how to abuse terrain and manage fuel properly, hunters have so many dirty shenanigans against Monsters. Most people just don’t know, they just keep running away in straight line without thinking at all.)

Obvious #2 Hunter is Cabot. I don’t find him OP, but he is really strong tho.
Most people actually fail to realize that Monsters are at disadvantage, can’t wait for Tournaments to see how real Teams will Obliterate Monsters.


So where are your actuall factualls?


So she’s not OP, since everyone is using Wraith and Wraith is auto-Stage 3, got it.


As a Main Caira Player i can say for a fact: caira is not op and if you have problems downing her than the monster player is bad. Kraken can kill her and can kill teammates that are down too.
Also where are your facts



rly… i take caira any day above a lazarus. you can just lightning strike and someone dies. yes, i hit with lightning strike.


Give me a Scenario where lets say Goliath has all his CDs and so Does Caira. Caira is standing on a platform with her teammates spread out on 2 different platforms and Assault comming for your ass.
How do you as Goliath kill her, you are Stage 2 full armour with abilities of your choice.


you know that you can only climb a surface two times right?


I bet all of you who replied are Hunters who just run after monster and get Pounced, singled out and shit.
Real Teams never engage monster without positioning themselves first.


Yeah i am a hunter i never play monster so i don’t know what to do as goliath in any given situation because i fucking suck as goliath really i suck with him

BUT a good monster player always manages to kill caira if he wants to. She is superior to Val in my opinion and i like her more than laz but that does not making her OP also, if the hunters have time to postion themselves around you before you notice it you are doing something wrong that much is sure



I main caira and she is far from op she can be dropped just as easy as others. And as mentioned you can only climb twice.


This seriously needs to be fixed though.


Just as easy as others huh? Who else can Heal themselves while evading the monster all at the same time?
Monsters don’t have enough Burst to bring you down before you pop self-heal and start spamming AOE heal into the ground/wall. (most of the time, selfheal isn’t even needed)

And whats with the 2 climb rule? How does it even prevent you from doing the Up cliff Down clff routine? I doesn’t for me. Just fall fully to the ground and the rule is reset…


caira is just more tanky cuz SHE GOT NOTHING else no tranq/hitmarkers/cloak shes the only REAL heal


Ask a Val player, how much Damage does she get from Hitmarkers per round… it will be around 500-1000.
Other Hunters will do 5k to 15k Damage each…

Also Cloak… When you are cloaked and you fly a Monster can see you bright as day. If you don’t fly, monster can see your tracks and start swinging in your direction and you will leave blood splatters and most likely be thrown in the air where again your Jet-pack will give your position away.
When I play Monster, Cloak never does anything for the Hunters. I pounce the last remaining Support every game when he tries to escape.


Caira isn’t OP, I just find the other Medics too risky like Laz (even though he’s fun to play) and Val dies too easily once she’s focused and requires Hank to be in a team comp, plus Val’s Medgun heals rather slow for a single target heal.

This isn’t the case of one Medic being OP is just the other two need some sort of tweaks.


She is the best Healer to fight a Stage3 Monster. Heck, she is the best Healer to fight at any stage.
If this game ever shapes up some type of Meta, I bet my top Dolla Caire will be the goto Healer 90% of the time.


You’re probably right. Val works really well in a beam team comp, but once you take Hank out she’s pretty much dead and only has her heal burst to save her own ass if focused. Laz is too risk to take because higher level Monster just know how to counter him and getting a Lazarus Device off is tricky, also if he goes down it’s a very good chance the game is already over.


I think the actual going up a cliff/down bull has to be taken out. That is just pure stupidity in most cases it. Give every monster a friggin grab for that kind of situations smacking them back into place.


Does being the best mean she is OP though?


She’s not OP trust me as a val player too you miss those tranqs at times