Caira needs an escape ability


Val has her tranq dart and Laz has cloak but poor Caira has nothing except a silly speed boost which warps you out of the fight if you use it. I would like to see the speed boost give damage reduction or a shield or something to protect her while she uses it.

She is my favorite healer but frankly is the worse to use because she simply cannot do anything to defend herself.


Caira can use the Speed Boost to run really, really fast. Combined with jetpack dodging, the healing burst, and the ability to actively heal herself, Caira is a tank.


Caira has self-healing, unlike Val and Laz. If she had another escape or sustain tool like that, she would frankly be nigh-unkillable.


i think Cairas really good but yea devs give her a buff… She totally needs one… Lol just kiddin that’d be ridiculous


I can’t tell if you’re serious. Please tell me you’re kidding?


Yes I forgot to put that last part lmao


Oh thank Christ. :smile:


Caira can heal herself with the grenade launcher, has a speed boost to evade, still has the heal burst to combo with the grenades for a massive burst of healing and has the jet pack for dodging.

Might as well add god mode to Caira while we’re at it.


I was thinking that the Assault’s shield skill takes too long to recharge, I think it should only be on a 5 second timer. Also, buff the cloaking field so there’s no tracks and it’s truly invisible. While we’re at it, maybe the dome device should launch like a homing missile onto the monster wherever it is on the map and trap it there until the hunters arrive.

Actually, forget all these suggestions, lets just have a button in the start menu that says “instawin” which instead of starting a game takes you directly to the victory screen so we can skip all the running, hunting stuff and the risk of losing.


@Uberfish @Slewey Screw you guys, you made me burst out laughing in public. Now everyone thinks I’m weird. Although I suppose that isn’t too far-fetched…Hmmm…

Also, the Laz Device needs to be able to rez eaten corpses from 100 meters away while not looking at them.


Caira does not need a buff, the reason I play her is because of her healing grenade launcher in which she can heal herself (the only medic which is able to do this without using class ability). Also because of her speed boost because when used correctly during a fight your team can escape most damage. Caira is my favorite character because of these abilities, though I do miss the extra slow and show of Val’s tranq gun.


Gee maybe we should give her a wand and a tiara and make her magical girl Caira while we’re at it. :unamused:

And no I will not notice you Caira, Senpai already has an unhealthy obsession with Val


No, Fluffy, no. We are not doing this again.


What are you talking about? Just being sarcastic at Op


Don’t do this. People will be offended…If you don’t include Maggie.


Maggie and Daisy already have a place in my heart :wink:


Alright. And stay away from my sister, mister. (Val, of course.) :smile:


No promises :blush:

PS. I just realized what you meant, don’t worry I have no intention of bringing those things up :wink:


Caira is by far the most survivable of the three, with Val being the weakest. Do the usual medic thing, stay out of the fight, rain heals from above – and death from above, while your heals are reloading. Remember that you don’t have to be standing still shooting at your feet to self-heal outside of the burst, you can very easily do that while running, with the speedboost for extra help if you need it.

I was able to almost kill a wraith on my own when I was the last person left as Caira through lots of running around and self healing. Only almost in the end ( he had half a bar of health left damn it! ) but I was able to survive for more than a full minute on my own there, which is way more than I can say for Val or Laz.


I feel like the the speed boost is a little slow, might just be me though.