Caira needs a little nerf


Caira is balanced but she needs a nerf with her self healing she can’t be killed if you have hank and it’s so hard to win if your Goliath against that and kraken its a bit easy to kill her with wraith but that’s it can you please post a suggestion or update on how to kill her please this is the only unfair hunter that I think is in the game and it’s almost impossible to win with a competitive team


Attack her, cause her to run around shooting the ground, kill hank, then go kill her


A competitive team will work together not run if she runs then I turn away she gets back into position ans heals and if I kill hank and run after her again the team revives hank


Your goal is to try and do one of two things. Split them up or group them up. If you can’t do this you’ll lose.


Repeat process. they will die. Or be sneakier. Even well organized team can be caught unawares.


One tip; Positioning. Hank can only shield allies within his LOS. Use the area to your advantage. Zone Caira away from the team and behind rocks or whatever.

If that doesn’t work that well, the next alternative is go after Hank. Once again, Positioning. Hit Hank far away and Caira has trouble healing him up. Force out his cloak, wait it out, then go after him again.


Caira is op only to bad/below average monsters. Val and Caira are both great


I’m baffled, as a monster I never have trouble focusing caira and if hank is there it’s not difficult to follow his blue beam of invincibility.


While I do that I got assault harassing me


If they split up that’s good for them bad for me


How is that good for them? If they lose LOS they drop in seconds.


I am a very experienced monster player with over 100 wins


Then you are doing something wrong. Every good monster I have played immediately went for Caira, and if he was decent, he got her out of the way


Tank through that damage. That’s what your amor is for lol. The assault may hurt, but you hurt WAY more.


If I ever go up against a Caira / Hank team, I’ll try to save a replay and share it with you. Not saying I may win, but hopefully I do hahah


It’s good when they are grouped because you can do damage to multiple people if hank splits up then they just follow they just don’t stay back I have played with a few competitive teams out of a lot of games with idiots do that but some aren’t stupid


If I’m a wraith they can take my armour away fast with the dream team caira hank abe Hyde and any monster this dream team is powerful try it in the right hands


Breaking LOS is something you should always be attempting to do. While it is nice to land a 2-4 man combo it is rare. Against good teams you need to be looking at cover, and how to get that Hank/Caira behind it.


It’s hard to go after them combined with abe it’s to unfair I can show you if u give me a good team and u be monster


Everyone thinks monster is more powerful but monster wins more because of people not knowing all the tricks and battle plans trust me I have a lot of time spent researching on caira all ways to kill her but theirs no battle plan to kill her if she has hank and abe