Caira + Maggie = What to do?


I go down so damn fast using this combo. Caira’s speedboost and then daisy on your tail. They find you very fast, no matter how sneaky you are.

(As Goliath)

What to do?

My nightmare composition as Goliath is Caira, Maggie, Hank, Assault
And this is about rank 25.


Well I wouldn’t try to play sneaky with them daisy will find you to fast with Caira’s speedboost. I would just try to play fast keep up the pace and not stop for to long.


Sneak more to throw off the trail. Daisy doesn’t follow as fast when you don’t leave footprints. Staying near bodies of water helps to throw off your trail too. Depending on how much armor you have, you could prioritize killing Daisy before running off.


Well those replies are conflicting.

And while daisy is slowed down by me sneaking, its not by much, and with the speedboost, its negligible.

Goliath is slow as it is.


I’d say the no stealth, all-out sprint is your best bet. Daisy is going to lock on to your sphincter no matter what so tracks don’t matter and Caira will help them close the distance fast. As Goliath, pick up both charge and leap smash at level 1 (you should, anyways) and book it from the starting line. Feeding speed would probably be a good perk to take as well since you don’t want to stop or slow down if you can avoid it. Weave both leap smash and charge into your traversal rotation. If you see food ahead try to kill it with a long-distance smash or the end of a charge, then chow down quick and start hoofing it again. Leap -> Smash -> Leap will cover a ton of ground quickly. Keep an eye on the map and try not to go anywhere where you can easily be cut off and trapped. If you can, try to be aware of when Caira uses her speed boost and right after it wears off cover as much ground as possible to give you some space to evolve. Also, finding a path that constantly has you climbing up cliffs will slow them down more than you, so look for a route with lots of rough terrain. It’s an annoying combo. If me and my friends want to do an all-out level 1 high-pressure rush, we’ll typically take Caira, Hank, Maggie & Parnell.

Good luck!


Well guessing the composition beforehand is impossible, so I usually pick the defence perk.
And I always take charge and leap, sometimes 1 fire.

Still, it’s an extremely tough composition to deal with. Overly tough.

Has anyone actually beat this? If so, how did it turn out?


Beat it plenty of times. Just run fast. I jump from cliff to cliff as well to slow them down. Under dome at stage 2 kill trapper and/or medic to stop it. Two strikes on trapper means you’re one throw from free under a dome.


Yeah, I pay attention to who’s in the game during that ready up screen. If Maggie is there, I abandon the sneak game. If Caira is there, you know the Hunters are going to keep the pressure on. You might try the stamina perk so you can leap/fly/warp more often. For Caira, you’ll also need to lvl 3 abilities to burst through her self heal rate.


Yup, Stamina or Eat Speed perk are probably the best options here. Your goal is to keep as much distance between you and the hunters as possible. Getting damage reduction just kind of seems like you’re planning to fail. If they’re going to go all-in, you need to too. The Goliath is a massive hulking brute. No need to be delicate or sneaky.


Thanks for the tips. I’ll try jumping from cliff to cliff more, should the map allow it.

Should I engage at level 1? I find it hard to evolve if daisy is on my tail, literally.

Btw, I pick the defence perk, because I have trouble avoiding arenas as Goliath. My winrate is only 0.92 or something.


As everyone said: with maggie in the team don’t sneak, use water but sneaking against maggie is like trying to hide while hit with a dart from abe, it just doesn’t work^^
With Caira in the Team get as fast as possible away from the spawn because every smart caira player uses the boost right at the beginning so don’t focus on eating focus on running around the map for the first 45 seconds of the game



I can picture the Behemoth having a great time against a Caira + Maggie combo.


Yeah I wonder how thats gonna work out.


I always kill Daisy, to cut Maggie in half. Maggie cannot take to lose Daisy and will drag her whole team down because of it, they will panic and fall apart and i stand victorious above their lifeless bodies. GG


So Daisy doesn’t arrive in the dropship by herself?