Caira is being forgotten?


I never really thought about it but it doesn’t really make much sense for him to slow down as much as he does just to throw a baseball size object, its not like he really needs to aim for precision or anything.

Do hunters have 4th dimensional pockets? (Lore)

yea, but sometimes trying to grab stuff out of your pocket while running around being attacked by a 3story monster could probably be difficult :stuck_out_tongue:


whoa whoa whoa… hunters have pockets!!! what kind of pocket does hyde keep his minigun in? or griffins harpoon gun, the things giant.


Oh well maybe in the evolve future they use whatever plot device Deadpool uses to do essentially the same thing shrugs


The hunters all have 4D Pockets, its has virtually infinite of space and can deform objects when they enter or leave the pocket. It takes time for certain gear to return to their original form so that’s why switching between them takes time.


The same thing she does?

Isn’t it like portal/dimension technology?


I believe it is, I believe it’s a common theme in anime or certain games…


I believe the doom guy had it to.


lol that’s pretty cool.


It was a great episode. This is the short version.


Thank god. She’s just…boring.


love all this extra dimensional talk, maybe we should consider moving some of the posts here as it got very out topic from the Caira topic that it should be.


man i hadnt seen that show in forever. didnt know they did that test. awesome vid!


Now back on to kerah.

@insane_521 is decreasing the time between the switching of the grenades a viable thing to hope?
I would love for Caira to contribute more to the team with other than healing, switching between the grenades feel very frustrating and tiresome as every other medic feels like switch faster.


Is it confirmed what other hunters will be getting this type of change?


Tech Sergeant Hank will be. dont know if its on an item/item basis though so it may only affect shield projector, or it may affect everything of his.


I would love for Maggie to have this as well


i personally dont think maggie needs it. maggie only has 1 item that could use it, and she doesn’t use that item 100% of the time unlike caira who’s constantly on her grenade launcher


What if the grenades explode when they approach the hunters while they were in the air?
It would be a very radical change?

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