Caira is being forgotten?


From the first moments I played Evolve, Caira was a doctor with strong healing and it was also self-sustaining. but since a few months, I no longer see people who are interested in choosing it.
I know very well that such changes should be made, but I do not feel that she has the ability to be able to keep his team alive. Yes, they will say that it can still make a difference, but I noticed that she can not keep a living ally for a long time, especially if this is the support, which is a great ally to the doctor. Of course, will also say that depends on ability the player have on the character you are using, but even for a small moment of pressure exerted by the monster, she is not able to keep it alive even for him to be able to have a reaction. And I also realized that it is very time consuming to get to heal completely, even outside of combat, her healing field is not satisfactory and it is often necessary to complement with shots of his grenade launcher, which in my opinion, should change its fire rate. The big pauses between grenades is a factor that hinders and their work, I believe even for players with high-level experience.
Well, I would leave open the discussion for the reason that Caira not only have been forgotten, but that other hunters also is not having a good treatment, such as: Slim, Griffin, Cabot …
But are cases of lesser problem than this. Anyway, that’s it …

Doesn't anyone still play caira

Caira is perfectly fine. Still perfectly viable. It’s just that Val has been buffed too much and she’s being picked over Caira. That’s all.


Can you show how many times Caira has being picked on TRS recently?


I see Griffin all the time. A good Griffin is a scary sight. I think any increase to her fire rate might pish her into being too good. I would like to see something done for her though as she seems a little weak but definitely still workable.


@moiser is correct.


Claira? Who’s Claira?
Just kidding… Saw her twice this morning. She did great. Better than any Slim I played with…
But I think Emet will be the one we’ll see the most for a couple of weeks.


Basically exactly what moiser said. Imo Caira is in a great spot. But your chances of winning are higher with Val, so most people are going to go Val on the high end.


Caira is still a very good pick. No sane person goes “Oh, Caira, we lose, gg.” Just that Val does what she does, and then is like a Trapper and a (situational) damage amp rolled into one.


Well I don’t know Claira either, I just know Caira ;p


Val was always my first choice (since release), but I’ve always loved Caira as well and will still choose her from time to time. Like in any case, you’ll live or die by the skills of your team as Medic and Caira can keep up just fine.

And in certain MU’s (Gorgon or MG for example) I actually prefer to use Caira over Val.


Haha Caira* I’m on a cellphone with autocorrect on.


Caira went from a character that required very little skill to play within the context of how experienced hunters and monsters were, through some nerfs that made it so that you needed more skill (individual and team) to play her successfully (reduced healing range, the capacity perk nerfs, reload speed changes). Val on the other hand was someone you generally needed some skill to play within the context of how experienced hunters and monsters were, but buffs have made her require very little skill.

Funnily enough, it seems as though their positions in the pick rates have swapped :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah Caira used to be the strongest but she is more balanced now than before. A lot of the more balanced characters are used a lot less due to their lower skill required. Take Hyde for example he takes very little skill and is seen a lot. While Parnell is more powerfull but not as easy to do well with. It’s the same way with Hank/sunny compared to bucket and Cabot. While bucket may need some slight buffs they are both very viable but require more skill than Hank and sunny.


Not gonna lie, I forgot Caira was even a choice.


That made me shed a tear ;_;


Sadly I’ve met some people online who claimed Caira was UP and demanded that I played Val for the team. I was like No, I’m gonna play Caira because Val is fukon cheese, and I still have my self-respect and dignity.


Val being so broken made me forgot how much I hated Caira…[quote=“niaccurshi, post:12, topic:79179”]
swapped :stuck_out_tongue:

haahah I can’t even… don’t kill me plz…


I think caira is actually a pretty good character because she can easily heal herself rapidly too because she can shoot the ground ahead of her. The other medics other than emet I think can’t easily help themselves


I used to get 18k-25k healing with Caira in April-June (have had the game since launch). I stopped playing her and did a lot of Laz and Val. Now I go back and I can barely get 10k healing.

Val will get you 12-14k healing AND constantly slows monsters.
Caira will get you 10-12k healing and have the speed boost…that’s it.

I can understand Val healing less, because she gives you the slow down. But Caira doesn’t give you other stuff aside for being able to heal multiple players at once. She SHOULD be healing more.

Of course, part of the problem is that I’m now rusty with her. Still feels as if she’s not as good a healer as she was.


[quote=“jimm120, post:19, topic:79179”]
Still feels as if she’s not as good a healer as she was.
[/quote]Her healing has never been directly nerfed, just the radius on her grenades.