Caira Improvement


So I’d say Caira is balanced, but shes on the edge of UP. While healing multiple team members is her strength, It’s not as easy as Slim spamming HB without a care of hunter placement. She has to aim her shots, whereas Val needs LoS then she can lock onto them if in range. Landing her nades sounds easy, but hard to do, and is nearly impossible if a player is in air, a reason why she is bad with Sunny.

I have considered these solutions greatly.

  • Acceleration Field:

Add a HOT (healing over time) effect when used. With this she can heal better, or do a better job keeping herself alive.

Pros: Slightly better healing without tinkering with GL.

Cons: Too much self-healing, with her spamming GL at her feet.

  • GL boost:

Her napalm looks to be UP since it supposedly does damage. If they add a longer DoT for her fire, it would work like Emet’s Replay Cannon but doesn’t need LoS for damage to take place, since a monster can move behind an object to prevent his missile tracking damage.

Pros: More damage, especially while healing.

Cons: Possibly too much damage, bringing her into a damage meta.

  • HB:

This is an alternative for giving a AF boost. When she uses HB while using AF, either the whole field heals members in it, or increases the strength of the HB.

Pros: Alt for a strong regen effect as listed above for AF.

Cons: Caira could use it when shes low on HP in AF to heal, giving her a stronger self-heal.

With TU9 on it’s way, I’m sure Caira will get some lovin’ (not from Abe) but I thought I’d share some ideas that have lingered in my head for a few months now.


Do you want this to be implemented into the game or added to Caira?


Added to Caira. Just simple fixes and tweaks to balance her out. I assume Suggestions are not the place for ideas of new classes/monsters and not small fixes.


No, they are. Anything from, this character should move faster, to this guy should die quicker are suggestions.


I don’t believe that Caira needs any of the changes you suggested. She’s very much trading off damage for the strong healing, and strong self-sustain that she brings to a team. I do believe that TRS has a few small tweaks for her in TU9, and I personally believe that, that’s all she needs.

She doesn’t need any buffs to her self-sustain, as she still boasts some of the strongest, if not the strongest, self sustain in the entire game. And to top that off, I believe she still has better single-target heals/second than Val does. The rather pitiful damage she brings to the table is the drawback you get for that healing prowess and self-sustain. Caira is largely fine.


How do people get the idea that Caira is UP? She can provide consistent healing at long distance, she’s got reliable self-sustain, and good mitigation ability. Overall, she’s well-rounded and can do her job well. I find she’s more reliable than Val in terms of consistency with healing.

The only reasons she’d look UP is if the player isn’t aiming well, or if your team is simply not dodging or mitigating whatsoever. Val’s pretty good at outhealing, but there’s a long pause between her heals, while Caira can keep pumping out grenades.


Caira does not need this substantial of a buff. She doesn’t even need a buff in the first place.
She is the most balanced medic imo, at least when with a Hank so take that how you want, but the removal of the slow while shooting in 9.0 is the only thing she is going to need. IF anything, give her a faster fire rate in exchange for a longer reload, just to carve out her niche as the burst medic. It would also serve as a slight buff because burst > dot.

But now that I’m thinking about it, a super fast fire rate with a long long reload on the healing grenade launcher would be a cool adaptation.


Her damage is fine

Her healing output is fine

Utility is fine

What I’d like to see on her … higher radius on her healing grenade (.5 meter ) to make her easy to be used / harder to miss shots (to make her pub friendly)

Higher self heal for herself only +50 from each healing burst

She will no longer have slow of movement while she uses her grenades in 9.0 … that’s a good thing


Personally I’d like for the ability to just simply have a shorter duration and faster cooldown. It needs to be brought down so that she can at most use it twice in a dome.

BURN EVERYTHING!!! Yes it is sad to see that Caira’s grenades are so ticklish better damage or a bit longer burn time would be awesome (but only after TU9 where wraith doesn’t cloak anymore.

Just no, no man. I do not agree with the idea of making a character use more than one kit to be able to do something decent. Plus it would mean they’d need to cripple her base healing to keep things balance.

Every other medic simply have more uses and contribute more to the team with their now good healing and great utility.
All the while Caira has

  • Tickle Grenades that slowly tickle the monster into submission.
  • a you have to hit every shot projectile (which we all know projectiles are a tricky thing for most people) healing which is great and all but has performance issues.
  • Its only slightly, slightly better than Val’s healing, but starts to dip after one or two reloads.
  • The adrenaline field is very awesome and all but the only once every one minute availability of it really hinders it’s contribution.


The idea of increasing her healing output while allies are affected by the adrenaline is really really interesting, I’m not sure if she needs it, since it would be a pretty large change, but it almost has adaptation potential


i honestly think she is severely UP. To easy to kill


I think the launchers have too much of a delay?


Are you kidding? She’s got the best self-sustain in the game. Either you’ve never played against a good Caira comp, or just never seen how well a good Caira can keep themselves alive whilst under attack.


Well self-sustain because she can heal herself when ever she wants. Healing other players is also a challenge because the travel speed, low fire rate, and the amount it does


I think people get the idea that she’s UP from her low damage


What if the launcher was automatic?


No more automatic weapons… also that would make them landing them harder as players have less control or where and when they pop out.


She was known as one of the best medics and she received bare minimum nerf to bring her into line. It’s simply that she is overshadowed by the easier to use Val and now slim in ease of use. So she don’t truly need any buffs.


I’d like to see a proximity burst on her healing grenade, similar to bucket’s GML. Easier to hit moving and airborne targets.


This is a brilliant idea

However … caira healing is good for the team

I complain about the radius of her grenade / self heal through Healing burst . I don’t think there is an issue with her healing to her teammate

Unless if TRS hasn’t reduce the healing a bit for caira to compensate . I don’t think it’s fair for caira to have it

Or maybe a different idea

If Healing burst is used in AF … the healing burst will have higher radius + higher healburst heal for the team (similar to emet healing burst with the bouy )