Caira Healing Grenades Going Through Floor


Last night I played a solo of Hunt at Broken Hill Mines as Caira and every other Healing Grenade I launched would go through the floor instead of detonating on impact.


I’m assuming this was on PS4?
Do you happen to have any footage?
Do you know what range your ping was at when this happened?
You remember which section of the map this was happening? Or was it spread all over?

Just some questions to help out the QA possibly recreate this issue :slightly_smiling:


I actually saw a bit of this the other day on PC. I’ll have to go through and check videos, but it seemed to be on “rocky terrain”.

Will revisit this if I get the time.


Sometimes they bounce instead of exploding. Also check out what happens when you chuck a nade at one of Kala’s mines… they fly off in random directions, but it’s different per client.


This is an old glitch. I had this problem when she was still the definitive best Medic.


I saw something similar happen to Kala’s Siren Missiles. They dont stick to the ground but go through it.


Do you mean this?
(Sorry for not cutting the video, just skip to 2:50)

Her nukes won’t explode when they’re hitting water. Even if it’s just a few cm deep ^^


Yes, I don’t know if it’s this map or just a hiccup, but this is what I’m talking about. Only with me it was in seemingly random places.