Caira healed everything I threw as a Golaith lol


Stage 2

Max fire breath and leap

Kinda a small area, the hunter begin to flood into this hallway leading into a huge area. SURPRISE I’m right there full armor/Hp. I got confidence at this point, I got two great AoE skills maxed and I’m in the best spot to end this

Nope… She literally healed everything, I mean leap slam… Normals melee, fire breath. The brawl spilled out into a much bigger area… Nope she still manage to keep every single person up. I didn’t even know it was possible to have that much healing output.

It was a great match indeed ( I lost), my question is was she intended to be able to have such major healing output? I mean sheesh :smiley:


No healer can outheal level 3 skills. Even with buffs. If you’re mixing in melee attacks they will die unless they get a shield from hank or assaults personal shield. Sounds like you just got kited.


To be fair, Fire breath doesn’t really do tons of damage. Leap Smash + Rock Throw are what you want against Hank + Val/Caira combos as those are your strongest moves. Brandon also talks about Shotgun Goliath which is 3 Leap + Charge. Hit someone a few times and then charge + leap to finish them instantly.

The thing about Caira is that she heals in bursts. You need to use that to your advantage. Keep her tumbling and she can’t aim so well.


Alright cool cool I’ll keep that in mind.

Hope it didn’t sounds like I was asking for a nerf on her XD


Nope. A lot of Hunters steer the Monster into a specific playstyle. Some more so than others. Trappers tend to encourage certain sneak styles, Medics/Supports tend to encourage certain combat styles and the assault usually encourages how much breadth you give the team.


Sounds like you hit thin air a fair few times.


Far as I know they had no idea I was in there and just following daisy

I always go

Stage 1 - 2 fire and 1 leap

Stage 2 max leap and fire

Stage 3 max charge or rock ( depending on how i feel )


That is how I play Goliath. i skip Rock Throw for level three breath, leap and charge. I don’t find Rock Throw very good it’s too slow.


But it is the strongest move that really easy to hit with after a knockback :open_mouth:


Unless fire breath actually starts destroying mines and harpoons when I aim it at those, firebreath feels very useless :confused: Will try a new build next time personally with more charge.

Usually I go Leap Smash 2 and Fire Breath 1, then Rock throw 3, then LS 3 and C 2, keeping FB for mines/harpoons, but it seems useless as all hell. So I am just gonna try RT3 and then C3 and then LS3 and see how that goes. Buff FireBreath D:


At stage 1 I put 1 in flame for cooking food, and 1 in leap and charge for added mobility so I don’t have to fight unless I want. Then stage 2 I go 1 rock and leap, and 2 charge and flame to mix it up in the dome, get strikes and test out what works againt them. I base my stage 3 off of that fight. I usually go 2 in leap, flame and charge and 3 in rock. Rock and leap finish off downed medics pretty quick.


Fire breath is good god for mines, at least for me any way. Also good for cloaks.


Think we all agree fire breath have it uses, it is just that . is it worth to max it out 3 over other? if you have hard time with rocks , take fire breath.

I just love the satifaction to throw a rock and hit a hunter in the air


Cloaks sure, but mines never seem to explode for me even when aiming straight at them. Maybe it has to do with it being only lvl 1? I don’t know, but it seems incredibly useless for destroying anything when I played 3 rounds with him today(Not to mention mines on top of things can’t be destroyed, so I had little choice in those 3 rounds but to run into those mines or not fight at all because they markov did great)


I believe ranking it up gives it further distance. That being said, there is a minimum distance of fire breath before it hits.


Caira’s rate of healing is the same as Val’s, just AoE. If her team is close together she can heal two or three people, that’s her advantage.

What often happens for me as Caira is that one of my teammates will get focused. Between reloads and such, the healing grenades really won’t do enough for a hunter being focused – so at that point I often jump towards that ally to give them a Healing Burst. Once you do that with Caira, you’ve put yourself into danger, and Caira can be killed very easily.

People always say that since Caira can heal herself, she’s too hard to down. Well, her rate of healing herself is so pathetically slow that it really won’t make that much of a difference. (it used to be faster though, she was invincible.)


Slight correction. Over time it is, but Val is completely steady (Barring LoS/Ammo) while Caira has burst periods.


Right. Sorry, my wording was a little confusing there.


No worries :slight_smile: You are correct that they are pretty close in the long run though :slight_smile:


Caira AOE heals, so if you’re spreading your hits around evenly between hunters, she can more easily match you.

If you focus all your hits on 1 character, Caira can’t match. She’ll keep the other hunters who get from the AOE blasts topped off, and of course, she’ll slow down your incap on the targetted hunter, but she can’t stop it herself.

Hank is a mofo that way though… so if there’s a Hank and Caira… kill Hank first.

If there’s no Hank, it’s debateable… Knocking out the Trapper can give you a quick exit by bringing down the dome.

OR you ccould just take out Caira… but usually a caira will play the wall skirt self heal game, which while she can’t keep herself alive like that forever, does slow down the incap enough to let the other 3 put on too much damage.

If there’s a Cabot, KILL HIM. that damned damage amp is murder.

Really, you should prolly kill the support first against a Caira… unless you want to escape, in which case obv the trapper.