Caira Heal Burst Buff!


Yup, the title says it

She is getting a buff to her heal burst to 30M!

  • Its good
  • Not good
  • Caira needs more buffs

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I welcome the change, maybe medics are being buffed to Val status and Monsters are then buffed accordingly to compensate?

I wonder how they’re gonna change Emet…


Caira is already balanced and in a good spot but like this is nice and helps her a bit without making her too strong. So yeah I like it.

Just don’t like heal burst buff on Val :confused:


I think they’re testing out some sort of heal burst change specific to emet.


She already has range from her GL. I don’t see how this helps, outside of using it to heal farther hunters…

I’d like a buff to her HB, not range if anything, and this is scraping the bottom of the barrel of ideas.


She isn’t balanced.

The Napalm Grenades are shit. The Heal Burst isn’t the issue.



Him? Did I miss the part where a guy was mentioned?


My bad. I ment to mention emet.


Ohh, okay. C:


All we know for now is that he WON’T get a larger heal burst


His heal burst is just as strong as the buoys heal burst, but his heal burst is not 30m. His buoys however might get a change to 30m (if not already I don’t know).


The only thing she could possibly need is an acceleration field buff.


Slim is considered the combat medic, followed by Rogue Val; currently EMET is between these two and will be brought down to be closer to RV’s damage. This pretty much means that Caira’s napalm is supposed to be in its current location in terms of balance, and shouldn’t be buffed (much).


Can we make CAIRA about as powerful as kraken, thanks


Agreed, the napalm nades are pathetic, they barely register.


Problem is then people always complain about medic doing too much damage


Emet I heard they are gonna make his buoy HoT at a faster rate but don’t take my word for it.


Fair enough, but even then, i don’t find her heal nades do a lot. People point to her high healing potential - but it’s just that - potential. They don’t take account of how dependent that is on A) hunters being clumped together (which they shouldn’t be, inviting more than necessary damage, which nullifies the original point in favor of her) and B) that you are accurate 100% of the time with them - they’re the most difficult of all the medic weapons to be accurate with.


Ive read that they are changing the rate of his healing aoe to be faster.


I need injury/heat-seeking grenades cause I can’t aim them worth shit.