Caira/Hank combo needs a fix

Now, I’m not saying either Hank or Caira are OP. I think both of them are quite balanced(Caira could use a slight heal nerf but that’s it) when not together, but this combo makes every monster’s head hurt.

You attack Caira -> Hank shields.
You attack Hank -> Caira heals + Hank goes invisible.
You attack anyone else -> shield + heals.

I think the real problem is that Caira’s heals are way too strong for AoE. She has pretty much the same healing speed as Val, but she can heal all hunters at the same time if they’re close enough + herself.

I don’t know about others, but I never have a problem with, for example, Val/Hank combo, and I’m pretty sure that’s because you can switch targets easier and force Val to focus some heals on trapper/assault because of ability splash damage. Caira has no need for this as her grenades will heal up any splash damage instantly. Also, Val actually has to recharge her medgun while Caira can spam it without a break.

I think Hank is just fine as he is, but Caira could use a slight nerf, either to her healing speed, heal grenade reload or heal grenade radius. I’m not really sure how else this could be fixed other than slightly nerfing Caira’s healing speed.

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every good monster can deal with it.


No, they can’t. -.-

That’s why nearly every comp team is running Hank/Caira.

To make it clear, I’m talking about GOOD hunters here, not pugs. I have absolutely no problem with pugs running Hank/Caira.


[quote=“Optik_rec0rds, post:2, topic:57017, full:true”] deal with it.



That gif is pretty much how I imagined him after the reading his comment… xD

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Lol jk, this combo is outright terrifying to deal with, but burst damage is your best friend against this group, jusy unleash everything on Hank and the instant hes down just turn on Caira to body block her nades from hank, then just unload on Caira, cuz, no shields.
You should have enough time to down Caira, then its just a matter of pingponging between Hank and Caira until one or the other dies ^.^

yeah because esl monster dont have 75% winratio vs caira hank?


That works on paper, but not vs a good team.

A good Caira will stay far away, preferable on a pillar. If you try to block grenades, you’ll have to jump at her. At that point, she’ll just use her full jetpack to fly somewhat up and keep healing downed Hank.

Also, problem is that Hank will often vanish in the confusion unless you have fire ability, as the epilepsy inducing visual effects of most assaults will blind you.

I honestly don’t have a problem with them anymore. 3Warp Blast, 3 Lava Bomb and 3 LS all take care of business. Goliath doesn’t have that super amazing AOE burst attack, but a Level 3 Rock Throw and a well timed Dashing attack are more than enough to seperate and down Hank.

Doesn’t really work. Either Hank will shield the damage or Caira will heal up the damage in 2-3 seconds while Hank shields.

Caira can’t outheal Level 3 RS + Level 2 Ability + A few strikes. At Stage 2, statistically, you can outdamage her, even with increased capacity and Hank with Damage reduction. Just a matter of how you approach that team comp. And you don’t go for Caira with Hank around, unless she’s out of sight (or you force her out of sight) and you’re certain you can down her.

You missed the point of ‘good hunter team’. Not pugs. What you suggested works great in pugs, but not against good teams. They wont be separated for more than a few seconds. They wont get out of each others line of sight. And they will coordinate shield/heal so that you can not out damage their combined protection. Even on stage 3 it takes a while, but vs good teams it’s not so easy to get to stage 3.

And while you try to get through their defense, the assault/trapper will melt you like butter.

No It’s not unbeatable, but it’s very anti-fun.
It’s the easiest to use, yet the most powerful build in the game,
just ask @MultiDavid , I used to crush our team before they decided to only go Hank and Caira against me
and now I have about 50% winrate against them.


Hank and Caira on the drop ship:


Very simple take out hank first, even a stage 1 monster can deal more damage than Caira can heal. If he cloaks and you lose track of him, then attack the medic and force him to either show himself or let the medic get a strike (either way you win) Then, while hank is down, go get a strike on a shieldless Caira.

It’s not only anti-fun, it’s absolutely total fatal metal brutal boring combo… Not only for monster but I hate playing as a Caira or Hank or Maggie. Caira is 99% time in game healing (total fuuuuuun) I prefer to play more funny chars and also I wanna feel like a pro and that’s why I’m not playing these three characters (caira, hank, maggie - the nabies combo) you are not pro if you are playing these chars great cuz they are totaly easy to play…

/Srs, no stage 1 monster can outdamage Cairas heals except for Behemoth >_>


Those who are saying that it’s easy to play against that combo can you send me pm with your steam, please? I mean… If you have balls and if you’re not scared. Stop talking about it, show it to me how you can deal with it.

Funny picture, but no. I don’t know what setup you use but I know for sure a Goliath with a 3 point rock throw or a kraken with 3 in vortex or 1 in vortex and 2 in LS can outdamage the hank/caira combo as long as you’re accurate.

Lol maybe, maybe against the most uncoordinated group of randoms this would work, but against even half competent hunters that tactic would be absolute suicide