Caira feels weaker in Stage 2?


Maybe it’s just me or maybe my playstyle has changed enough that I’m just crap at her, but she feels like a weaker healer to me now. She was my most played medic, but I’ve been struggling to win games with her. It’s hard to keep a team up against a stage one wraith with decoy, for example.

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a change when playing her as well. Not trying to bash Caira, cause I love her! If you’ve had success with her, what perks have worked best for you?


Admittedly I never used to play much medic, and even then I’d never pick Caira, but her healing actually feels stronger to me. I’m loving it! Combine that with a good reload perk and she seems great.

Self-healing feels a little worse though…


Some medics are going to feel a little weaker. It’s the way the game is going now. The idea TRS has is to make fights have more back and forth damage trading. That means the Monster is going to out DPS Medic’s healing so they can get strikes. That’s also in part why Strikes only eat 10% health instead of 25%.


Yeah what @TomsMeatPlatter said. Medics need to not be able to basically out-heal all monster damage at stage 1 as they used to be able to. That said, I’m sure there’ll be tweaks if it’s found that the general population are struggling.

Main thing is this… expect to get strikes as hunters now. In Legacy if a hunter got a strike you were in trouble, if two strikes got dealt it was game over. Now it’s not quite that drastic, all hunters can have a strike and you still have a good shot if you’re laying on damage!


as a former main Caira (feb2015-Aug2015), She is pretty ok right now. I stopped playing her cause she was nerfed so damn badly.

I finally played here in a match and was able to consistently heal my teammates. Plus, the healing numbers popping up really help to show you that your heal “connected”


I main medics, and can say I feel a HUGE difference in power from Legacy to Stage 2. I tried out Caira and could not do much, used to play her a heap cuz the AOE nade heals was great, could even heal myself with em. But now (correct me if I’m wrong) you can’t seem to heal yourself anymore using the heal nades. So now I’m sticking with my now all time favorite Rogue Val. She is a BEAST and I can keep my heals up just enough through stage 1 to keep my team alive. Heck I can even revive with the med gun easier now. That said, Caira does feel weaker to me then before.


I think the main issue is that she is supposed to be the tankiest medic so they had to lower her self heals or it would be very hard to take her out.

She’d have, Healburst, Grenades, and Health Regen all going for her at once. That could be tough to break through!




She was a tanky medic, but her positioning could be punished. Being able to survive kiting the monster was a must with those nice AOE heals. Now without that nice ability to heal herself aside from burst, I guess I’m struggling to find a new way to play her.


She can heal herself but from what I’m seeing in the game playing her and playing against her, it’s not as much as a heal towards a teammate is which I believe is 125 points of health. I remember playing her and outlasting a Kraken by using the accel + healing to run around a rock and last until teammates came back (if only just bearly) but of course, that was way yy yy back closer to the release of evolve. Altho I miss being able to do that it seems her in a very annoying place and that’s good coming from a monster’s perspective because it means that I can not just simply focus her and she won’t be able to do anything, of course, there are perks to take into consideration but it seems ok currently.


Her acceleration field feels slower.


I think it’s simply a matter of adjusting to the changes with monsters early on and the changes made to her healing abilities. She definitely not the same healing wise, for me, but I don’t think she’s unbalanced. I’d like to know the exact stats for her abilities and that of the other hunters now.