Caira 'Cool for the Summer' (Looking for animator)

Got my mind on ur grenades
& ur grenades on my mind
Gots a taste 5 them napalms
I juz ned 2 take a bite
Shhh… don’t tell Cabutt
Die 5 each other
we kool 5 da sommer

I would make a music video for it, but I don’t have the skills to animate it, actually song wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. @ToiletWraith are you or anyone here familiar with ‘the Nekci Menij show’? If so maybe we can help each other out.

edit; Just in case you guys aren’t modern pop culturally informed.

edit; relevent links.


lol nice… shes a beauty

This thread…


… I don’t even…

Can’t say I like the way you draw her D:


Wait, what is that blue spotty thing that erects from her pelvic area?


What the f*ck was that and why do I love it?

What the hell? That’s the arm of her fur coat thingy.

I don’t understand how someone would want to wear fur in the summer though…


Does she have a duck bill instead of a nose and mouth?

Haha what awesome

Someone please draw cabutt

Lol… ok. Didn’t see the original so had a hard time imagining what could that be. And yeah furs on the beach seems strange to say the least.

How’d you wannit

I cant animate either .-.

So this thread is basically trying to poke fun at Caira?
Yeah not gonna like this one :s

You know how I want it

No I really dont D:

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