Caira: Capacity or Reload


Greetings good forum members:
So lets say I wanted to frustrate the hell out of a monster by spamming Caira’s healing grenades as much as possible. In this (purely hypothetical) world, which would provide more healing per minute- the capacity perk or the reload speed perk?


I always pick capacity with Caira. Just feels like I can almost stop Monster burst damage with more grenades. I think capacity gives you more healing per minute, but reload lets your healing burst be ready faster in addition to faster reloads. I think.


I prefer reload, it enhances speed boost, heal burst, and her annoyingly slow nade reload


always reload.

reload helps u with reload(…^^) and reduces the cd on ure healing burst by 30%(!!!) which helps u with burst dmg even more.

the extra nades are good. but in the end u wont save someone and especially ureself(!!) with 2 extra nades while with the reload perk u would already have ure healing burst up again.

capacity is good for spread pressure while reload is the best for burst.

ive played caira for like 230 hours till now and ive tryed both

and after the first 2 games with reload i never wanted to go back to capacity

and burst is the name of the meta right now


Well, you would need Heal Grenades/clip (h), Heal Grenades/expanded clip (H), firing delay (F), reload speed ®, and Reduced reload speed ®

Then its pretty simple.


T1 is the total time for each clip, with healingH, which we will call G
T2 is the total time for each clip, with healing
h, which we will call g


And compare. This is of course not factoring in Healing burst.

We know that:


And I’m not sure of the values of:

Each individual grenades heal amount, although because calculus, you don’t need it!
Firing Delay (Time from one trigger pull to next)
Reload time (Time from last trigger pull to first of next clip)


I didnt know it affected the speed boost too.


Yep, there was a bug where it wouldn’t before, but they fixed it (i believe)


it should but it was (and still is?)


I’ve heard conflicting theories on in affecting speed boost/orbital barrage/laz’s cloak. The most credible response I’ve gotten was from Macman, who said it does affect it, but even he said he couldn’t confirm it for certain as he wasn’t sure if it had been properly patched or not. I’m going to try and run a test tonight or tomorrow to find out once and for all.


Idk, I’ll run a test tonight, i thought they fixed it but ya never know


I say capacity…More heealing grenades brah!


I myself go for quick switch because you can quickly heal and do damage at almost the same time but capacity is second because you can unleash so much healing before you need to reload.


What platform you on?


Capacity it used to be, but reload now I believe. Like @Quirkly said.


That would be excellent if you could check- let us know what you find!


If it doesn’t recharge your other abilities, capacity should be better.


Itll be a while, I have school and work :disappointed:


it does reduce the cd on healing burst.


Gotta see for movement speed. The cooldown was increased in what? 2.0?


caira is actually good with a lot of different stuff. i take damage resistance quite a bit (good on all medics tbh)

capacity or reload are both viable, before the stim nerf i’d have said capacity (assuming lv 3 50%) was better all around, but with stim reload being so long reload is definitely worth considering.

movement speed is always good on medics too, i almost always take it on laz actually.

jump height can always be good for focus characters as well, if you boost straight up you basically always get out of reach of the monster for at least a second and can help get into range of shield/jetpack beams.

damage is worthless

jetpack is meh