Caira and Lazarus are better than Val, no no no

I saw this topic about how Val is worse than Ciara and Lazarus…

Boy oh boy.

This is just perfect.

Lazarus is literally a deer in head lights without his cloak.

Goliath, Behemoth, and Gorgon totally rule his cloak out.

Basically they’re saying Val is trash because she needs a Hank or Sunny to survive…

This is funny because Ciara needs a Hank or Sunny to survive too, so…

Literally her speed boost isn’t all that, a good Wraith, Gorgon or even Behemoth can take her down…

And Behemoth is slow, just a simple tongue grab with a rock wall as she’s as useless as Lazarus.

A Wraith can warp or just abduct her and I’ve done it a thousand times.

Gorgon can just web snare her and she’s back to normal speed just like that.

At least Val doesn’t have to be up close in the fight.

If Val can effectively keep her team alive why should it matter.

So I played Caira with Bucket, Cabot and Kala, she dies faster than Val without support.

I would’ve used Sunny but she can shield and everyone says Ciara can tank without a shield but obviously she can’t.

Lazarus can stay back, but when he loses his cloak he’s screwed. Even with a support, the Monster would take him down quick.

Rouge Val can tank because she can fill her health bar instantly but her healing potential is far worse than any medic, resulting in a quick loss.

They say Val needs to use her whole kit to be effective, that’s a lie because I don’t have to use my whole kit.

I run jetpack recharge with Val.

jetpack recharge and kit recharge with Lazarus

And movement speed with Caira.

Any thoughts.?

To be fair, while Laz isn’t super amazing, he’s a lot better than people give credit for, people just play him too much like a front line medic. The threat of Laz, especially on a Cabot/DPS team, is stronger than Laz himself.


And to this day, people still could not spell Caira’s name correctly.


@MaddCow , that’s just the point, I play on an Cabot team but what happens when the monster leaves and you go in to revive those who have fallen and the monster comes for you, because if I’m playing a laz as a monster, I’ll take the trapper down first because Lazarus’s healing potential wouldn’t keep the trapper from being incapacitated.

An no-ones stupid enough to run out and revive whilst the monster is still fighting, Id hope not.

Like Rogue and Rouge Val right? lol


EMET is the superior medic.


Damn straight, Archie.



Medic Bucket is best

Plz @LadieAuPair back me up on this one

I tried once to fight in arena as Laz…except that the monster turned out to be Meaty. I couldn’t do anything to avoid him and everytime I used the cloack, I was on fire. So me and my team lost pretty quickly because of Meaty’s potential of killing a cloack and the amount of knockbacks he sent me.

All hail Medic Bucket


My point, but Imagine going up against a Behemoth or Gorgon, yeah you might be able to get away from Behemoth, but most good Monster players leave you be until the cloak wears off, just like they treat an assault that used their shield, the monster will focus on a different hunter.

As Medic main my two main medics are EMET and Lazarus.

EMET has unbeatable and variable healing coverage using healing buoys and can influence battles with his Respawn Beacon. He also has good fire power that can be used in a supporting role to help bring the team closer to victory or at least distract monster.

Lazarus for ease of use. When used with perks to improve Refresh rate of Healing Pulse, Lazarus can heal a very large radius for a lot of HP. His Healing Pulse Radius is so large he can sometimes do it outside a room or cave to heal teammates inside (only EMET has better Healing Pulse coverage). He can also bring back the dead, and can pepper the Monster with weak points.

The others i use some of the time, but when I feel like I want to do well, I go with these two.

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And what about Q.Caira?

Caira shouldn’t die faster than Val.

Val only has heal burst for healing, Caira has heal burst and her nades.
Val has tranq gun (which is funner imo :smiley: ), Caira has speed boost for extra dukes boiii.

Don’t see how Caira can die faster when she has more stuff than Val :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you can’t figure out how to kite the monster properly as Lazarus, and you’re in the arena, you’re going down. Lazarus with class cooldown has better overall team healing than Val, and comparable self healing not factoring in cloak. What you’ve gotta do is have a mobile team who is aware of how to play with a Laz in order to get the most out of actually having one on the team.

If you’re pubbing Laz, expect a loss. At least pubbing Val has a much higher success chance.

As for Caira, I’ve been terrible at her since the middle of legacy so my opinion counts for nothing on her.

@Dovahkick Q. Caira is probably better than all 3 provided the player knows what they’re doing, even in pubs. With CCR and a T1 utility perk, you can constantly be throwing out heals and damage and thanks to CCR you get her healing field on the same cooldown as the damage reduction field allowing you to constantly protect / heal with your utility.

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I tried her sometimes and she indeed has a strong RoH if she has her full potential. The thing with Q.Caira however is that her healing fields with the nade are not so strong compared to Caira’s nades.

The total amount of health for 3 nades is 420 for 84 hp/s with Q.Caira while 3 nades for Caira does 375 (plus, Caira’s G.launcher has 2 grenades more than Q.Caira per load).
However, Q.Caira’s H.Field II gives a total of 528 hp while Caira’s H.Field gives 350 hp.
Q.Caira also has a Neutron barrier that blocks 55% of the incomming damages for 5 seconds and Caira only has a speed boost.

Q.Caira is a very defensive medic that needs to focus on positioning a lot, the exception is that her nades are very weak because of the maximum amount of applicable fields beeing 3.


Val is love. Val is life.

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It’s sad because they were gonna make Medic Bucket.


You can always do capacity for an extra grenade in each clip and a slightly longer defensive field.

Playstyle varies from person to person. I’ve always loved Q Caira cuz monsters tend to ignore her more often.

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