Caira already does more damage incap than standing up


Assuming they do manage to increase incap pistol damage, in a micropatch.
Caira will be more dangerous incapped than standing up.

Really gives you food for thought.


You’d think being set on fire would be a terrible thing to do… But Caira’s damage is hardly noticeable! :slight_smile:


i don’t even bother with fire grenades when i play caira (if i play her at all in the first place) because they’re a joke to me. maybe sometimes for wildlife or just to get some burn damage but usually just nah.


To be fair, Caira is however the beast among Medics when it comes to dealing with shitty packs of Reavers or Mammoth Birds that get in your way.

Good luck taking all these pests out with Val’s Sniper Rifle.


Nothing is more infuriating as a monster when the Caira is shooting napalms at you for ages, and yet keeping the team up as well. It’s like having a small pebble constantly thrown at you. You know it’s not doing a lot of damage, but the fact that they dare to shoot you repeatedly with the weakest medic in the game…

Caira OP - Has the ability to snatch aggro.


It’s even worse when you’re trying to Cloak as Wraith and Caira keeps hitting you…

Like damn it it’s bad enough to worry about all the auto fire and explosions and Toxic and Flamethrowers hitting me now the Medic can chip in too?
(Oh and Wasteland Maggie can f-off in this regard too.)

Of course new Decoy won’t be affected by this anymore cuz… ya know no more cloaks but maybe the Adaptation will be what we really wanted.

Who knows really?


They’re changing the Decoy because they think stealth play and invisibility are toxic. Why would they consider reintroducing something they just removed?


Yeah its sad but its true I guess, as hunters are getting their cloaks reworked as well.