Cabots rail gun

Hey guys, just dropping by to say that I love Cabot but I’ve got one major problem. I can’t tell when I’m firing for effect with my rail gun. The targeting reticule has no real indicator when a round hits, I’m having to strain to see or hear if I’ve hit the target. Can we please get a better indicator for damage. Like a big red X or tick marks.

I think there’s two.

I know that when you do hit something, you get a red circle around your reticule

Do you mean from a distance/through a wall or in general?

Theres a big fleshy “thud” sound when you get a hit. Try shooting a wildlife and you’ll hear it, it’s the same for the monster.

I don’t think it has a travel speed, I’ve shot directly a moving monster at long range and hit him despite the bullet travel effect looking like it will miss.

Keep in mind that it only travels through walls up to 40M thickness.

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I hear the thud but the tiny red circle almost over laps the aiming circle. It needs some red ticks marks to indicate a hit.

I hear ya, it’s mostly a skill shot thing you may have to get used to. I for one would love to see a confirmed hit indicator so I can get better feedback.

Only 40M lol. That’s rather far.

it scares the hell out of me when i get thumped by that thing out of nowhere through a wall

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Play with CaBOT who hits with it every damn time. Ugh.

i’d rather dmg amp and railgun than shield and hank’s WMDs


i did more dmg with air strike last time i played hank than i usually do with vortex in a match (7k+)

a good hank can solo monster just by hitting it with airstrike and cloaking.

Yeah cabots muh boy, but I need better feed back from my railgun.