Cabot's Rail Cannon Elite Mastery


Is it just me or does Cabot’s Rail Cannon third star requirement not make sense? Think about it, the masteries, especially third star (Elite) masteries, are usually used to help fine tune that ability’s performance or strategy, like headshot damage, healing multiple teammates at once, or damaging with multiple Shrapnel Grenades without taking damage. So why is Cabot’s Rail Cannon’s Elite mastery requirement to deal x amount of headshot damage to the Monster and not deal x amount of damage to the Monster through walls/objects? That’s what makes this weapon so special is its ability to shoot through matter in the game, yet there’s no mastery requirement that focuses on using this particular aspect. Why not? Why headshot damage?



If you’re landing headshots with it though, it does great damage. Any weapon that can land headshots, will require headshots for the third mastery star. I think its to distinguish them as being able to land headshots. Except Crows I suppose, it requires bypassing armor, which would make your argument more valid, having Cabots require X-amount of damage through walls. I dunno why they chose headshots.


Bucket’s Sentry Turrets focus on having multiple go off at one time, not headshot damage. The same goes for Slim’s Leech Gun, focusing on generating Heal Bursts in rapid succession, not headshot damage. Why didn’t the Rail Cannon get the special treatment?

Can we get a Dev response if it’s not too much trouble?


I’m not a Dev, but Bucket’s turrets don’t aim for the head, so having them go for headshot damage makes no sense. Also, Slim’s heal burst is based on pellets hit, not damage. I feel that if you can aim at a head you can hit a massive monster through a wall.


I understand your point, but I just feel it should be involved in the masteries. That’s just my personal opinion.


maybe the 1st star. doesn’t make sense to make something so easy be 3rd-star.

It’s like having to place 3 armor marks on a monster with val but they don’t need to be anywhere near each other… that’s how i feel about “cabot using the railgun to hit a monster through a wall” for 3rd-star is.

Though if you had to do something super-cool for 3rd star stuff instead of headshots, that would be something else entirely. like shoot the rail gun 60 meters away, through a wall, and hit the monster in the head w/the shrapnel or something.