Cabot's Planet Tamer Badge - Re-Created + Monster Badge


I re-created Cabot’s Planet Tamer Badge for those who never got one in the giveaway. You can now get it in a digital form. :wink:

Edit: Changed the Yellow to a more saturated color for accuracy, and font changes to match both badges for consistency. For those with the older version I suggest you download the updated version!

And something for the Monster Players out there. :smile:

Edit: Minor spacing changed within the text for consistency

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Dude, very nice! I actually asked about this a while back, but I couldn’t find one anywhere. Good stuff.


Great Job! :thumbsup:


Does anyone else think that the monsters need a patch? :stuck_out_tongue:


That is wicked good! I am totally saving a copy of this. Thanks so much! I was bummed that I didn’t win one in the competition.


I’ll see what I can come up with that’s in a similar style. :smiley:

Done! @PeirsPryce


Go go monsters!


Hope you might be able to get your badge put in-game…that would be awesome. Also, stellar work! Very tyranid-ly of you.


Hah! Nice man!

Should have asked about Cabot’s, I could have just posted up the this one and saved you a bit of work!

You matched it close to perfect! Impressive.

Figured I’d just go ahead and put the other patch that’s on his shoulder in here as well. Cabot used to be a HUB Marshal and still has the patch on his bomber jacket.


It’s awesome seeing how close I was. :smiley:

I always wondered what his second badge looked like, now I know!


(polite applause to Slewey) Stellar Job!


I actually like the gold ring better on yours than TRS’s version…however I prefer the font size and detail a bit more on the TRS inner portion. But as @Essen said, Stellar!!


Dude! Like a boss! Well done!


Appreciate the feedback guys!


From Marshal to alien hunter, must be quite the story there.


He hated people and decided to burn his rage by killing Monsters instead of people.


Wasn’t that hyde ?


All you oomans look and smell alike.


So much fan girling, over here!
So awesome!!


There is in fact a story there that @Matthew wrote a while back. Been thinking about ways to get all the back story stuff that he’s written out there.