Cabot's exoskeleton is real!



imgur pls

:cry: i want an exoskeleton


It’s kind of a mix of Cabot and Sunny to be honest
Also, moved you to Community Content :wink:


I want my pet hamster to have an exoskeleton


Fifth Assault.




where is mah bacon kraken


Crow ate him.


curse you crow…


I wouldn’t make this Community Content. He didn’t make anything, nor is he showcasing anything, he’s comparing a real life Exo to Cabot’s.


Buh he said cosplay oh great leader in the op :frowning:


Not a cosplay. Right click that image and search google for it. It’s a picture of an actual factory working with an actual exosuit.


sooo off topic


Yes, yes we are, however I was referring to the re-categorization of a topic that I did not find accurate. :smile:

Back on topic…I really want one of those. A jacket and an exosuit. >.>


oh no no I was saying that meaning thats the category i was going to move it to! lol

I too want an exoskelton and jacket combo
@SlabOMeat I want to buy Cabot’s jacket >.<


You don’t want a working Lazarus glove? I’d buy that.


Idk… With ny luck it’d come back as a zombie and try to nom me ^.^