Cabots dust deployment destroys my fps so does wraith and kraken


I’m getting huge fps drops from the particles from the dust, wraith, and kraken. Dust is explanatory as it just drops my fps once cabot deploys it. Certain moves like wraiths supernova also kill my fps. Krakens aftershock definitely kills my fps. if it weren’t for these problems i wouldn’t have fps problems.

i’ve lowered all my settings but maxed out my resolution however i still experience these problems. i really don’t want to lower resolution since a bigger resolution gives my hud a smaller view and not take up my entire screen.

i also want to complain on how most of the time i just can’t see anything thing in this game. when i say this i mean like the map taking half my screen, my characters skins weapons taking even more space in my screen. and i know anyone who plays this game always leave their map on no matter what. i wish we could make the map smaller on the hud and allow you to zoom in on it so it wouldn’t have so much clutter with traps so we can find each other better. this is a big deal for me because when i play laz and im trying to find a downed person its pretty hard to find sometimes.


Map up constantly is helpful when you are learning the maps, but once you learn the maps, you won’t need it constantly.

As far as your frame issue, could you please give us some specs on your machine?

Just to stab into the dark, I would suggest checking your processor and video card temps as I had a video card heating issue that caused similar effects on another game when explosions or smoke happened on screen.

Edit, also, do you still have the issue at lower resolutions? I know you don’t want to use it, but it would be good to know for troubleshooting.


i’ll give it a go, i’ll reply soon.