Cabots damage amp solution


Ok after playing as Cabot and against I do think his damage amp is OP. When using it it gives double damage on any part of the monster as opposed to vals double damage mark, so you barely need to aim while using the amp. So i was thinking it could be brought down to 1.5x or keep it at 2x but have it as a radius buff like cairas speed buff where you have to be in close proximity to get a buff.


I think if you just knock either cabot or the assault away the amp doesn’t do much. If he is amping and no one uses it, that is less time being pinged with his Rail Gun. I feel the amp is in a good place tbh. Just my 2 bovine pesos.


Yeah but then if you throw Abe in the mix with his stasis grenades knocking back Cabot is impossible


Stasis doesn’t prevent knockbacks. It just slows base movement. Traversals and skills are not affected.


mix that in with Caira and you have turned yourself into bacon.

I think a shorter range or a 1.5x damage instead of double would be nice.


I know that it doesn’t affect knockbacks. But by slowing movement speed it gives them a good amount of time to get out of range of any abilities. And with the hunters spread out it makes it harder, if your required to be around cabotfor the buff it balances out the risk/reward for the hunters 2x while being grouped together


I don’t think Cabot’s amp is OP at all. If it were time-based and did double damage for any significant period then that would be OP, but I believe the charge on the amp depletes based on how much bonus damage it’s done. So when Parnell unloads SS shotgun on an amped monster and does 2000 damage in one magazine, the amp is then spent and has to recharge before more bonus damage can be applied.

I think that extra damage at certain opportune moments is a perfectly fine trade-off for Hank’s insanely effective shield.


No solution needed it is not OP. I just faced about 4 cabots and none of their amplifier had an effect on me I consider OP


A case of pug vs premade perhaps. I think as it is the amp gives a huge advantage to a premade group. With every other game that has role based classes, one team can mirror the other exactly like team fortress so it’s essentially balanced because both teams have the ability to use an 'exploit ’ against each other.
Being 1 vs 4 brings up balancing issues that haven’t been encountered before


Agreed, thank you. An OP hunter.


He seems easier to kill than the other supports, so I always try to target him first, otherwise I’m screwed. Either go for Medic or Support first is my memo. After those two go down, I find Trapper and Assault to drop pretty easily too.


You mean to say that he doesn’t already get slowed down when using like Val?

Gosh he’s worst than I thought.


I say take away the auto lock on and make it give, say, an effected area on the monster, like a big bubble of double damage you can shoot, instead of just making the entire monster take double damage.
Just an idea, think much larger weak point then val or lazarus, but constant and centered on where you aim.