Cabots and crows guns


If cabots gun can go through rock, shouldn’t it go through armor as well like crows and shouldn’t crows gun go through rock as well. It puzzles me


Don’t ask how it works…it’s the future.


If my Railcannon could go through armor, mate, it would be bloody RIDICULOUS.


True, very true


Think about caliber. Crow’s gun can shoot at higher velocity, but when the projectile is so small, it just doesn’t cu it with enough penetration.

Rail Cannon hurts more, too.


Yet another one of the things in a game that go under the ‘unrealistic but balanced compared to the realistic version’ category.


I am more than happy to let things like this slide for the sake of game balance.


I for one am very upset they nerfed Cabot and didn’t give him anything in return. 30% to outright damage and increased his reload between shots. That is probably close to 40%-50% overall damage.

What you bring up is spot on. I think that they should either make it so
-when you shoot the monster directly it takes off health and through the wall is armor (or vice versa)
-Be able to charge for health damage

I also think that they should give more range to his damage amplifier like all the other support with similar weapons get. (Sunny’s jetpack booster, and Hank’s shield projector)


It’s quite a big nerf. Not only did it make it very punishing when you missed due to the reload it made it less rewarding to hit thanks to the damage nerf.


If the game was going for realism then the monster would die from being hit by the rail cannon once, assuming that the rail cannon fires the projectiles along Cabot’s chest, and that they go a velocity even on the slow end of were a rail gun would be concerned.

The monster would just… pop. The amount of force behind that projectile would be… quite frankly insane.


Yeah. Even on Behemoth, one hit to the head or even center mass and it’s goodbye monster.



What we he supposed to get in return? The problem was that rail cannon did way too much damage and people were just spamming it for the whole match, so they made it so you can’t spam it and you can’t do insane amounts of damage with the railgun alone. It still does what it does - shooting through walls, interrupting feeding & relay-bashing, good crit damage - but you need to contribute with the damage amp (like you were always supposed to be doing anyway). Amped damage doesn’t show up in his damage output in the telemetry graphs, but amping your Assault for double damage is a big deal. If his Rail cannon wasn’t insanely OP to begin with nobody would have noticed he was ever anything but a balanced offensive Support.