Cabot viability

Is he viable? I know I’m going to get a general “no” from most people, however I also know those people don’t actually play as him and are just saying that because of the nerfs he got. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt (I doubt the devs nerfed him without justification). So, I’m asking the people that actually play as him consistently and know his ins and outs, is he viable? And with what other characters?

Cabot’s my third most played character. I have a couple hundred wins as him, a solid w/l, and that’s not accounting for customs either. I’ve also fought him many times as different monsters, and my verdict is no. He’s not. But not because of Cabot, because monsters can burst someone down VERY fast with high damage and stun lock. A good Kraken or a Wraith, Cabot’s your worst choice, easily.

That said, if you’re good, I believe he can work well against Behemoth, and maaybe Goliath. Simply because they’re so easy to kite. On Bob it’s just a matter of dodging TG.


I think he is most viable against BOB. The only thing he potentially had in terms of Defense was cloaks with Reload, but now they are taking that away, makes Cabot harder to justify against a good Monster.


As someone who is taking a break given Cabot’s current level of mediocrity the answer is most definitely “no”.

Sadly it’s a no, but that’s only because shields are 100 and 1% necessary because the entirety of this game is based around burst and burst mitigation, so not having a shield is a pretty big disadvantage.


The entire point of Cabot is to make fights deadlier. But when you take Cabot, you’re running the risk of not having a shield. There is no savior for teams without a shield, unless the monster makes more mistakes.

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Picking Cabot in his current state is basically saying: “Yeah, let’s hold back against the monster.”



Cabot used to be one of my favourite hunters, so I’m not just saying it because I suck at playing as him, but i really really find him almost unplayable at the moment and when one of my teammates chooses him i literally beg them to switch. His railgun is a peashooter compared to other supports, his dust tagging has a reduced viability unless jack or maggie is the trapper, which can also be fixed by val, or even better, bucket, and the damage amp is powerful, but compared to the orbital or turrets its almost too dependant on teammates. He needs a buff to the railcannon, a reload buff to the dust tagging and a boost to his cloak (duration or reload) to make up for his lack of defensive items.

Before 5.0 I would say he was viable. 1000 Amped Damage on a Stage 1 monster which cant down anyone because of the small damage output plus the rail gun feed denial on the chase were nothing to look down upon imo. But now? 700 amp damage, hard hitting stage 1s? Sorry Cabot, once you were my number 1, then you were my number 2 but now you are a cabbage to me. :frowning:

Do hoho.

I’m sad at how true that feels.


I really like playing Cabot. It’s so satisfying to see Amp meltage, and the Railcannon is fun to use (and desperately in need of a buff) but Dust Tag is a major let down but sneh. I just wish he and Bucket both were viable, we need some variety for god’s sake. I hate having to run with a Sunny/Hank ONLY to face off to good opponents. ;-;

There seem to be 2 threads concerning Cabot ATM. Worth merging??

This is about Cabot’s viability in overall gameplay, that thread is specifically about his rail cannon.

That’s specifically about buffing the Cannon. This is asking if he’s currently viable and not discussing changes, so no.

Aaaand Slewey beat me to it.

Yeah, Cabot was my main and is my favourite Support character. Like I said, the reason I’m taking a break is due to just how insanely he’s been overnerfed.

When he gets enough buffs to put him on Bucket’s current level, then I’ll go back. But until then, for as long as my main wallows in the depths of uselessness I have no drive to play.

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OK, just checking. Nice ninja btw.

I think Cabot could either do with more damage, or a more defensive cloak (larger range and/or usage timer, and/or smaller cooldown), as I do not believe him to be competitively viable, due to how fast a monster can take someone down who is not being shielded

I will say this- I like him against a Behemoth or even a Goliath. Have you tried Cabot/Torvald/Caira/Jack? I feel like with some Cabot buffs that’ll be great for a Goliath/Behemoth.

Not that specific combo, no. I haven’t picked up Cabot online since 5.0 hit, since I refuse to gimp a team as much as Cabot currently does. But I have played with a Torvald(pre-buff)/Cabot comp with my usual team which we were able to make work pretty well.

Once some good Cabot buffs hit, though. I’ll try said team out.

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I liked pre nerf cabot on ps4 the best. His rail cannon hit like a rail cannon should and you could throw up some really good number with it, and his amp just felt really nice. Pre nerf cabot was at where bucket currently is on ps4

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