Cabot variation confirmed. not swapping classes this time


Just had the pleasure of playing a few very exciting games with our friendly neighborhood squirrel. He very casually mentioned how he had been working on the cabot variation earlier today, and when pressed as to which class it would be, let on this one is staying support.

@GentlemanSquirl I’m glad you approve of my kala technique. Next time ill put the TP below the platform for easier access


Good to know! I know @10shredder00 will be pleased. He hates class swapping adaptations.


Damn, well who’s going to be trapper now??


Probably Bucket. BTW, happy cake day!


Maybe, if he had his UAV again it’d be great, and thanks! Full year on the forums now


What? Gentleman was working on Cabot earlier? And then he was playing Evolve? That bum! GET BACK TO WORK!!!


Commence the name speculation!!!


Hail Satan, I love Cabot and I’m glad he’s remaining a Support.


I wonder what they could actually…do with him. Going on previous adaptations, they might change the effect of the dust (Quira’s balls changed effect from Caira), and I suppose the rail gun could be…more damage but no penetration? And his beam…reduce monster damage output? Increase hunter dodge? hm.


Defender Cabot:

1: Cluster-grenade gun: Cabot shoots a grenade in a straight line. Upon impact, the grenade releases the clusters which explode after a slight delay. Slow reload.
2: Damage Reductor: reduces damage done by monster as long as its held. Ammo consumed per second, consumption increase when monster uses an ability (think Jack’s repulsor and travelsals)
3: Organic Amp Cloud: Cabot calls for a cloud strike which increases damage done against the monster’s health (armor unaffected).
4: Taking one for the team: AoE shield burst that gives much more shield to allies than it does to Cabot.

The basic idea for this Cabot is to get the monster’s attention as often as possible. Grenades are good at interrupting feeding, Damage Reductor makes it harder for the monster to damage in dome, Organic Amp Clout means monster doesn’t want to leave Cabot alive by the time it loses all its armor and the shield burst speaks for itself.


That’s odd, actually, because-

-currently all of the adaptations are in the “To-Do” stage, which means they haven’t been started on, correct?

So then perhaps the Trello board is wrong or, maybe, Gentleman Squirl is trolling us. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tara on the #Shara stream last night said that we would probably see the next Support adaptation within the next 2 months. That wasn’t a “Definitely going to be in 2 months” thing, but obviously just her current view on timings.

I’d not be surprised with Cabot staying as Support though


While they try and keep it updated, they don’t keep tabs on everyone 100% of the time, and they don’t always decide to announce something straight from the moment someone starts thinking about the feature.

Some items were placed directly in the Ready or Active tab, without even going to the To Do list.

Also, Gentleman is a lead designer, which I believe makes him one of the very first people to start working on pretty much any content, and he does so by thinking, which isn’t something measurable by others, and may not have been updated due to this.


Fair point, and it may well be very early stages too, which makes sense. :smiley:


They’ve said a few times that not everything will be put onto the Trello board. It is just a rough guideline for us. They are probably working on a few things in the To Do Section, but that doesn’t mean they’ll update it right away. The Devs want to keep some things a surprise for us, so take the Trello Board with a grain of salt.


Hub Marshal/ Marshal Cabot:

1a: Armor-Piercing Railgun: Marshal Cabot’s high velocity rounds punch straight through a Monster’s armor, dealing direct damage to a Monster’s health (a la Crow’s Kinetic Rifle).

  • Still goes through walls, just with less distance and less damage.
    1b: Railgun MKII: Charging the railgun allows Marshal Cabot to shoot a projectile at catastrophic velocity into the Monster. - Creates a weak spot on the Monster where the other hunters can shoot for direct damage to Monster’s health. Could create a weak spot at the exit point of the shot, punches through the Monster and out the other side. - Long charge and long reload time (added animation of rails glowing hot and cooling down perhaps?), the weak spot/s vanish after 3 - 5 seconds, shots don’t do extra damage or multiply, just health damage. - If too OP the hit-box of the weak spot can be decreased.

2: Damage Reductor: reduces damage done by monster as long as its held. Ammo consumed per second, consumption increase when monster uses an ability (think Jack’s Repulsor and traversals) - Alatreon (awesome idea btw)

3: Dust Trap: Marshal Cabot air bursts an area with dust, any passing Monsters become covered in dust and are highlighted for a short time. Same length of highlight as Dust Tagging, Dust Trap vanishes after 2 - 3 minutes. Useful for chokepoints and wildlife feeding paths.
4: Shield Burst: Standard for all other Support Characters

This Cabot variation based on the Evolve Lore of Cabot being a Marshal before he was recruited to be a Planet Tamer. I’m envisioning a Cowboy Hat with a Sheriff’s Badge in the centre, some mirrored aviators (because Badass), maybe a tactical vest and pants (because a Marshal’s gotta be prepared for anything) or a longcoat/duster. A cool little effect could be to turn his Damage Reductor from solid Red into a flashing Blue and Red stream like police lights, because reasons.

Cabot is my favorite hunter, can’t wait to see what his variation ends up being!!! Keep up the good work TRS!!


kala is a troll charcter why doesnt she have a troll face badge? like she can put teleporters on plants then leave her teammates to die or much more better way is for a kala to put a teleporter near a megamouth then the mega mouths just pounds the teammate till he dies lol happened to me multiple times


Main gun does dot but less dmg
Dust has less radius but has dot
Amplifier has less range but does dot
Planet scanner has 1% less cd

Right trs?


God dammit, no! I wanted a Trapper Cabot! :sob:


Alright, next prediction that’s inevitably gonna fail: Cabot’s damage amp is gonna be replaced by a damage dampener that lowers monster damage output.


I love this one! Might be difficult to balance, but this sounds so Cabot - an “ultimate ability” of sorts that rallies the whole team to do damage! It’s very fitting and climatic, even if frustrating for the monster.