Cabot Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Cabot Strategy, Tips and Advice

This topic is now doing real damage guys!


Hey!!! Come on man your supposed to do a corny quote after every character!!!


Edit :frowning: he changed it… My joke has been neutered


our team says this everytime the armor is gone lolol.

“were doing real damage guys this is real damage!”


I think a supports skill with Cabot is a true sign of their effectiveness… At least among us lowly PUB players… I know nothing of the ESL EVOLVE titans

Really though, the sole weakness of every team that lowered their effectiveness sustantially is always support being the weakest link…why???


Do you realize that mid battle that this is one of the MOST powerful tools in the game… You should pop that bad boy any time anybody takes more than 1/3 health damage, or as soon as two teammates start to take damage immeadiatly… Its got like a 20 sec CD and a 30 sec window of use (maybe flipped) … Use it so we can keep u up and you can use it again before one of us goes down and so does the dome


Don’t play much Cabot, but I play a lot of assault. For the love of God, if assault isn’t anywhere near the monster, don’t waste our time by amping the monster, There’s no point. Just pop off as much rail canon damage as you can until he gets there.

  1. THE DAMAGE AMP!!! The most valuable tool in your arsenal, and the thing that will get you murdered because of how scary it can be. Cabot requires a good sense of teamwork between you and your assault, otherwise the damage just won’t be there, which is an issue due to Cabots lack of defensive capabilities. Once Assault gets in position, get off the rail cannon, and amp it up!

  2. The Rail Cannon (aka the legal wallhacks). This is your only “I have nothing to do while my assault kills a reaver” weapon. Chances are, with a good assault, it’ll see almost no uptime. While in a dome, Rail Cannon is last priority, only use it when the assault isn’t in damaging position or the Amp is outta juice. Also, it is dead accurate. Headshots are not only easy to hit, they cause awesome damage, so try for em as much as much as possible. After the dome drops is when the Rail Cannon sees the most use. Constant harassment=Annoyed monster=Angry monster=Monster that is about to turn around and fight you with no armor because of the absolute hatred he feels about no eating :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Dust tags. Nothin really special here, just use them near birds, at the beginning and end of domes, and you’re golden. And so is the monster. Huehue.

  4. Cloaks are for 2 things. Self preservation and Team covering. Medic getting focused (again)? Meet them halfway, pop the cloak, then tell them to split left or right with you, save yourself and your most valuable teammate. Do so with trapper as well.
    Assault has his shield and the medic to heal him, but don’t be afraid to employ the same tactic.

So yeah, thats the basics of Cabbage, other than my personal perk picks. Reload and Quick Swap are my gotos. Reload is for when I distrust my assault (more cannon, YAY), Quick Swap is for when my assault is so leet I need to be able to switch at a moments notice to amp him. Good luck Cabots :cabot_cute:


Cabot is my favorite support as an assault main, DMG AMP is pretty amazing.


Great tips from Quirkly :slight_smile: Just wanted to add that you should always use rail cannon to save a teammate who is being pounced on the other side of a wall, and try to dust tag the monster just as the dome is going down so you can land some sweet rail shots against them while they run away and behind walls to feed :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The Rail Cannon is the best tool available in the game for releasing team-mates from wildlife grapples or Sneak Pounces. If it happens, use the highlight and free them at once. Particularly useful against Behemoth when it relies on its’ Rock Wall.

  • The optimal moment to switch to your Damage Amp is when you can see the Assault has started using their primary-weapon.


@Plaff Incidentally, the Sunny General Tactics sub-thread link leads here, to the Cabot one.


Fixed. Communication ftw. Depending on the assault, most of their battery/fuel tank/clip could be gone by the time you switch over and start amping if you wait till you see them using it to swap.

That said, I’m starting to appreciate the amp more as an all-around damage tool with a decent team/comp. The assault’s primary will obviously offer the most time-efficient use of your amp battery, but if you’ve got Abe (or any trapper, really) and/or Slim unloading into the monster then the amp is still doing pretty good work even if the assault is on his secondary.

This is one of those places where knowing real numbers comes in handy - to be able to actually make a call between amping or railgunning based on more than feel.


This is all helpful. I like Cabot because he’s so damn FUN, but he’s hard to use and doesn’t feel as beneficial to the team as Hank.

BUT…I’m starting to think that the cloak might be far more useful than I appreciate. By default, all of the supports have good defensive abilities.

And damn I need to be better with the rail cannon. It’s just hard to use on a fast moving Kraken or Wraith. :unamused:


Cabot+Assault=Dead monster quickly


First things first communication is key. Talk to your assault and coordinate using your damage amp when EVERYONE is ready. Your goal should be to burn through the damage amps fuel as quickly as possible. Tell your medic to pop a couple target on the monster have the trapper deploy some CC and have his main weapon in hand, make sure your assault is fully reloaded and in position. Then unload on the beasty. You should tear through the dmg amps fuel in no time then switch to rail cannon.

Keep dust tag on constant cool down. When you first drop find the direction that the monster is running and drop a dust tag as far as you can in the distance. As soon as it recharges drop it again, you will accidently find the monster ALOT.

Perk imo should be jump height for a couple reasons. 1. The monster is going to try to run, so you should try to be on his back at all times. 2. At some point the monster is going to get mad at you and your damage amplification, then you should jump and fly up to a cliff or just jump and land behind them.

With a decent team you can shred an over ambitious monster’s armor in no time at all.


Another tip:

  • Another optimal moment at which to use the Damage Amplifier is if you see the Monster about to intersect with a field of Arc Mines or a Toxic Grenade cloud.


I like using Cabot and Hyde, because hude can toxic plus flamethrower for massive damage, or Parnell for that super soldier.


A few posters have mentioned communication, especially with the assault. I will further stress that it is key to apply the damage amp to high burst damage.

I do not like when I play as or with Cabot and Cabot is amping for more than 3-5 seconds at a time. With each assault you want to amp:

  • Markov on focused lightning gun
  • Hyde’s grenade + flamethrower/minigun
  • Parnell Super Soldier
  • Lennox Plasma Lance chain third and fourth hits

Otherwise you’re wasting your damage amp and the added frustration and damage of the rail gun is more powerful.

Cloak your trapper or medic if they’re focused and you need to keep them up, but don’t waste yourself for it. A single strike is worth two or more bars of health damage.

With Cabot comps, I also especially stress preventing strikes on your trapper, or at least making them count. Cabot comps force monsters into all-in situations, so it is key that you maximize the punish on your trapper. If the dome is down, the monster can constantly disengage.


If for some reason the assault goes down first dont be afraid to amp laz and the trappers damage. It is quite a bit actually.


Remember your not wasting your amp on smaller hits, the amp is used up by a set amount of damage not by how many hits or bullets use it. The quicker you use it up the better, the more damage you do overtime.