Cabot Rail Cannon Third Star


Hey communtiy and @MacMan ,

@MacMan I hope you read this. My favourite character by far is Cabot. My team (new friends of my, great guys :stuck_out_tongue:) and I won a lot of matches mainly because of their effective use of my damage amplifier! I mastered the amplifier really quickly from 1 stars to 3 stars. The dust tagging was alright and I got this on three stars pretty quickly as well. But please reduce the amount of headshot damage to get to the third star of the rail cannon! I just got to 25% and I played a lot :blush:. Maybe I m just not that accurate and “good” but it s pretty difficult to do that challenge with a ONE shot gun. Shot…Reload…Shot…Reload and so on… Could you please try to adjust it? Would be really nice. Personally it s to difficult to achieve that progression

Thanks :blush:

P.S.: according to my companions I m playing pretty well as cabot. I was rank 1 later rank 2 in the global leadboard for the entire beta. So i kind of know what I m talking about :smiley:


I believe he said they were lowering the amount needed on the rail canon in a thread he made a short while ago


Oh really hope that this is true :v:
Honestly, the way from two stars to three stars is way to difficult in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope they actually change that


Also understand that you did not have that much time to unlock it. When the game comes out you’ll have all the time in the world! :blush::blush:


I agree but you have to know that I got the two stars pretty quickly.
And basically I was sitting there for 3 days, trying to unlock that all three stars and I just reached 20-22% at the Rail Cannon. The others : Damage Amplifier and Dust Tagging were alright.
There are so many posts on how difficult Caira’s revives are or how difficult it is to get all three stars at Maggie. Trust me when I say that Cabots Rail Cannon from two to three stars is by far the most difficult thing to accomplish. :stuck_out_tongue:
I honestly just played him for the entire beta :smiley:


Hmmmm do you remember the number of headshots it took to get level 3?


It wasnt a Number of Headshots…I had to get a certain damage with headshots
Rail Cannon Star 3: Do 26.000 Damage with Headshots to the Monster


when i do a head shot with the railgun it feels amazing , i dont know if it the sound or what i think is the amount of dmg the railgun headshot dose xD


Yeah I know it feels great if you hit the head but it s a one shot gun so it s kind of difficult to get up to 26.000 Damage to the Monster with it :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah it is , i know , i think is the fact that you do maybe 1-2 head shots per match , at least that was my count , but when the headshot landed omg


Yeah I know what you mean. The Monster lost so much health with this one shot but still the maximum I got in one match was 1000 dmg. The minimum was 200 dmg. And not in all matches you get a headshot !


Oh wow yeah a slight lowering of that would be nice. Perhaps trying to get a val weak point on the head and blast that foo


Yeah already thought about that, still too much :stuck_out_tongue:


Got it. We did make some adjustments to Cabot’s mastery too.


Great, thanks a lot @MacMan. Love communication between devs and community.

THANKS :heart_eyes:


At least with Cabot and the rail gun there is a good chance your still hitting the mob. Which means you are still actively helping the party.

Caira and Val’s ‘help up people X times with your healing ‘weapon’’ does VERY little to properly help the party because it is much faster to do it by hand. Not to mention your job is to keep their HP up so they DON’T get capped.


Yeah Cabots Mastery does help the team, true. I agree some hunters have stupid porgressions…like hank. Use your Orbital Strike from a distance of 100 meter to hit the monster…well if you dont hit you re screwed.


Any chance of getting notes on mastery changes and bugs fixed? I know we just got the character updates but if you have some time. Besides an informed fan base is a happy fan base.


I’m not in the loop on all the bug fixes. Waaaaaay too many for me to track. We’ll have to sort out a good process for the update notes where we track the bugs after release.

Would be tough to go through all the character mastery. We changed the majority of the numbers, but I’ll call out the really big changes. When I say hours, I mean how long it should take people to accomplish the task given the community averages. Time is actual play time (excludes matchmaking, lobby, post round, etc.)

  • Markov’s three star Arc Mines were taking 12.63 hours for people to complete. Should be five now.
  • Maggie’s three star Daisy mastery was taking 17.79 hours. Now 5.
  • Hank’s three star Orbital Barrage was taking 24.97 hours! We reduce the minimum range to 40 meters and set to five hours.
  • Val’s two star Sniper Rifle was taking 14.68 hours. Set to 2.5.
  • Val’s two star Medgun was taking 6.31 hours. Set to 2.5
  • Val’s three star Tranq was taking 12.41 hours. Set to 5.
  • Hyde’s two star Noxious Gas Grenade was taking 5.07 hours. Set to 2.5
  • Lazarus’ three star Lazarus Device was taking 9.64 hours. Set to 5.
  • Lazarus’ three star Personal Cloak was taking 10.79 hours. Set to 5.
  • Parnell three star Shotgun was taking 18.28 hours. Set to 5.
  • Parnell three start Rocket Launcher was taking 12.10 hours. Set to 5.
  • Abe three star Shotgun was taking 9.31 hours. Set to 5.

Wasn’t able to adjust any Monster mastery numbers because we didn’t get telemetry on them due to a bug. :frowning: Bug is fixed so we might get an update shortly after release if any of the numbers look bad.


You’re the best @MacMan