Cabot Patch Giveaway -- Ended


How I’d love to see us all in a big TRS room…darkened, the sounds of Evolve blaring from surround sound speakers with killer sub-woofers…with huge HD TV screens aligning the walls, each backlit with the colors of the monster, trapper, medic, and support classes…all of us wailing on each other in-game. Good Times!


TRS can arrange that :wink: hint hint


omg dont even, you are giving me goosebumps


hell no they cant, you know how much money that would cost? we are lucky they are just throwing these patches at us


Hey, I would LOOOVE to travel to TRS and binge game at launch :smiley:


oooooooh!!! :heart:.:heart:
and next a Harpoon gun?


This is great, I think the next step is to throw in Calbot’s jacket and go from there :smile:


If I win the Lottery…


Give @DamJess a promotion already! She keeps us all so hyped and happy here on the forums.

Now everyone on the forums suddenly…


9 Visible in photograph

5 Being given away

7 Statements about the giveaway

770 Characters in the post, not counting hyperlink to image

Posted on Nov 11, 3:35 PM

(9 * 5 * 7 / 770) ^ 11 * 335 = 232.40412266934447020821709218262

3 monsters in the game times 3 sets of hunters times 4 hunters per set + 2 cofounders of TRS published by 2K

232.40412266934447020821709218262 * 3 * 3 * 4 + 2 = 8368.5484160964009274958153185744

DIVIDED by 2K or 2000 = 4.1842742080482004637479076592872

PLUS 1 like per person is 5.1842742080482004637479076592872 rounded down to the closest whole number is:


5 is the answer. I will take my patch now.


I’m already a planet tamer so you should just go ahead and give me one now. Don’t bother with giveaways. I will expect my free badge in the mail.


lol i love you


Lol if you do ( (957) / 770 ) ^ (11 * 335 ) the answer is 0 …


Wow. Game’s not even OUT yet, and you guys are patching it like a mug!


Seperate equations man, don’t you know how to decode conspiracy math?


Everybody knows the real answer is 42 sooner or later


No, i don’t. :’(



I am filled with want and need.


There’s always a GameTruck road trip…