Cabot Patch Giveaway -- Ended


UPDATE: This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for playing!

This is the patch Cabot wears on the front of his jacket! In celebration of his reveal, we have 10 of these bad boys to give away:

OooooOOOOoo shiny

How do I enter?
Like this post

When does it end?
Friday at 12pm PST

When will winners be notified?
Friday at 12pm PST

Will there be other chances to win a patch if I don’t win this?
Glad you asked, yes. We’re bringing some to give away on the livestream this Friday at 3pm PST!

Will this be available for sale in the 2K store?
Not planning on it currently, but that could change some day.

Does telling you guys that you’re awesome increase my chances?
No, but feel free to tell us we’re awesome anyways.

I love patches!
We love patches too.

Hunt 2.0 Knowledge Drop (New Info added 8/7/2015)

First, awesome!

Second, there are more than 5 in that photo.

Third, is that skull important in the mythos/lore of the story, or is it a yet un-revealed monster :smiley: I can see the patch being made for taming a planet by killing/capturing said monster in the patch.

Fourth, you guys are awesome!


You’re awesome.

nothing else to say really :slight_smile:


LOL I knew someone would point that out! Cheeky :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there are more than five cause we have more than five. Oh the suspense.


Only 5 huh? Well thats a shame. Im a pessimist so I doubt I will ever get anything. But you guys are awesome regardless! Now GIMMEEEE! :wink:


I love turtles,

are you guys planning on a turtle-patch giveaway?

Thanks. Turtle.



There are 9. I counted.


But WHAT does it all MEAN?


Ooh, I would love one to go with my brown leather bomber jacket. That would be badass. Please


It means we get to spread out the giveaways :] Wouldn’t want to give them all out at once!


The patch looks pretty cool. :slight_smile:


Pshhh, the real badass sews it directly onto their arm and wears it proudly.


im about to go make 20 fake accounts and have them ALL like this post lololol glhf


You’re awesome!

I really hope all this stuff gets put in a store sometime. I’m fine with all of it being for promotional stuff now, but after the game releases people should be able to buy cool things like this. :smile:



i like how cute and tiny our little forum community is. You got my man @JuiceFan1998 sitting over there next @MaddCow and @Rctboy95 just walked through the door and you CANT forget about @PeirsPryce and @SledgePainter. And last but not least @SlinkyGuy

we all want this so bad


Thanks for the giveway, you guys are awesome! “Clearing the way for galactic civilization” So Badass :smiley:


That gif just made it…weird


your face made it weird