Cabot OP/Broken, Meta game found


Ok so normally I tend to win most of my matches when I’m the monster, I play carefully and plan my attacks and ambushes and if I can, decide where I’m going to force an encounter (instead of running the whole game).

So my last 2 matches have had a Cabot in it, both matches also had maggie in there, so now that’s 2 ways of keeping me tracked (and this is what I mean by the meta, finding the monster becomes incredibly easy, ontop of cabots extra massive damage and amp damage), Daisy will always sniff me out which I do find quite broken because there’s basically no delay even when you’re sneaking, she will just simply know where you had your last kill and boom, hunters are on there way, then in comes Cabot, he will toss that dust in your face and keep you tagged with it and from then on they can just chase you and get you into a corner and/or a good tracker will make sure to head the other way and force a trap, which is generally fine and smart play.

The problem is that Cabot is too good at EVERYTHING, his railgun does insane damage, his amp just causes the assault to rip through your health like butter, his dust will prevent you from even trying to hide and dodge an encounter even inside the dome and lastly, he has his stealth to gtfo or assist the healer/get someone up.

Comparing to any other hunter out there, no one is as good and just generally easy mode as him, taking bucket as a support example and the ability to track the monster, bucket has to completely stand still in order to get a track on the monster, cabot can chase and pull big damage as you’re trying to run, every bit of downed HP makes a difference, so aside from his railgun being stupidly strong, it’s the fact that as soon as he stuffs his damage amp on you and the assault comes charging in, you’re going to have your health ripped off so fast that you won’t even realize it happened (also possibly taking into account Val or Laz’s bonus sniper damage and anyone else shooting), every fight/encounter I had with these teams I just found my self having to run and simply survive for my life, as opposed to what’s generally supposed to happen, that being the monster is the one jumping in and causing the pressure, instead with this setup it’s basically “you’re dead, have fun running”.

When more people out there (especially those in partys like I just went up against) find out just how strong cabot is along with how amazing Maggie is because of daisy and using her traps properly, then the game will just devolve into a meta game anyway for those that simply play to win, so please turtle rock, do something about Cabot, even if it’s taking away his amp damage (which is possibly the most stupidest idea you can have for a game like this) and replacing it with some other Utility.


so what about just focusing cabot down ccing him to death? he cant amp dmg when hes in-capped or dead. also what are some other things you have tried?


dam whats wierd is i dont even notice cabot is in the game. laz, maybe hyde…those are the only ones i care about. cabot isnt that good lol.


cabot is amazing. He’s just not broken.


Except mitigation, he doesn’t bring a shield. If Cabot’s in the game then anyone is fair game for first target - if you’ve got a Hank you’ve pretty much always got to nix him first.


agreed with out hank dmg is much easier to lay down on the hunters, as for cabots dusting not too much you can do about that but if you know they have a maggie anyways then you shouldnt really be going hard core sneak as maggie a direct counter to that


Trust me i tried, on-top of these players just generally being good, understanding what evasion is and having a competant healer on the team, it just felt near impossible, I tried fully focusing and focusing in sections and nothing worked, even if I did eventually manage to down (which I did on a game) him, the trade off was that I lost a massive portion of my health and trying to run after the dome was down was near impossible at times.

I managed to get my evolve and some armour back but when the fight comes again it’s back to square 1, I can’t get shit done because I receive such massive damage during the entire fight, if I leave cabot then he will shoot until the assault is near and then amp his damage, try attacking the assault and he just stuffs his shield up after you take some health and then nothing was accomplished, attack cabot then the assult is still up your back and cabot can still attack and amp you when he can, go for the healer and it’s still the same, they just get up your arse and burst your health off because cabot simply can, I honestly don’t understand what you’re supposed to do, especially when you have a trapper like maggie setting up properly.


thats what i meant. hes not broken and unstoppable. id rather play bucket if i wanted damage. i dislike the role of support is 2 high damage dealers lol. hank is the true support of the group.


Migitation may or may not matter, thing is, he’s so good at everything else that who cares about migitation? you don’t need to bring supportive pressure when you can bring offensive pressure, as they say, “offense is the best defense” (and vice versa really), Bucket doesn’t have any migitation yet he’s still good in his own way, just not stupidly OP.


Maybe. Cabot would probably be my current pick for best hunter at the moment but its far too early for this to be much more than a guess. It was interesting to see his dust tagging got an increased radius since the beta.


See I don’t think Bucket is that good at all, and I’d take Hank against a good monster over Cabot any day. Sure, in the frenzy of things Cabot’s damage amp might make some monsters switch targets, but if a monster really dedicates to killing a hunter then that hunter is going down, unless there’s a Hank shield in the mix.

As for who cares about mitigation, that would be the medic or trapper that should be the first one going down in a team with Cabot; in the games I’ve played with Cabot even my assault has remarked about how much he missed my Hank shields.

I imagine it comes down to playstyle. I like being supportive, so I’m probably best with Hank. Someone who wants to wreck face is probably a better Cabot than me; I have a hard time believing he’s actually OP though.

That said, Caira/Cabot might be on the OP side because Caira can heal so friggin fast it’s hard for a monster to outdamage. Haven’t played that combo yet; haven’t even seen Caira since the beta.


No he aint


To be honest I’ve never seemed to run into any problems against any Cabot Combo.


Cabot dust was nerfed to 45 meters down from 50. His rail gun does 50% less damage when shooting through a wall/surface


While I don’t think Cabot is unbeatable I do think he is SLIGHTLY overpowered compared to other hunters. Dust tagging is fine, Damage amp is fine, his railgun direct damage (not through walls) I think is just a tad too high. Maybe decrease its damage by like 10%. And I’ll say that I’m a pure hunter player who has finished Elite Cabot.


What about Cabot and Markov?

Damage Amp + Arc Mines = Imminent Death

And also, @TopFighter, I feel that Cabot is like the Wraith of the hunters. It’ll fuck you up, sure, but it has very little damage mitigation! Cabot has no way of protecting himself besides his cloak, and even then you can wreck him easily (especially with Goliath). He can throw a punch, but he can’t take one back. That’s Cabot’s fatal flaw.

Advisable moves against Cabot for each monster: Flame Breath, Vortex, Supernova. At least that’s how I do it. :wink:


He’s really not OP. … I main cabot and lost almost every game with him against wraith.


This post makes me want to play Cabot more


I am regularly shelling out 18k dmg with the railgun and that isn’t on wild life. A headshot with the railgun basically takes half a lifebar. If it is even marked by some miracle… :smiley:


Just for you:

You are supposed to BURST a hunter down. Watch them hunt you, pick a location and open them up so fast and hard, that you have 2 to 50% in the blink of an eye and be relentless and keep slashing and hammering every button.

Somtimes you let them walk through a narrow path so the AoE hits them all, other times you will fight on high ground so you can send them flying really far on the first blow. You can also use wildlife to your advantage, knocking someone back into a plant still makes the team having to notice and care.

At all times think about what would need to happen for you to win the game right were you stand and the feel of what and when to fight will come naturally