Cabot Mastery


Im having a hard time with the 3 star mastery for Cabot. Can anyone give me some advice for doing the headshot dmg to the monster? Im having a really really tough time getting any dmg.


Hope to play Kraken they are slow and have big heads.


Your best hope is either playing against a Kraken or Goliath, and having a Val that have figured out what tranq does :>


Perhaps just try grinding it out in customs? You could pick the Monster as a Kraken, and take Val for slows, Griff for poons, Hyde for kicks and giggles. Then just hotswap between Val and Cabot and tranq, then headshot, over and over.


Hm never thought about doing Customs. didnt know you get get masteries that way lol


Oh, you can. It’s easier, because the Bots are actually pretty good, and you can swap between them to do everything yourself, like a really badass mother.


Hmm idk 26k seems like alot considering ive already complete both of the others and im not even half way through. I get 4-5 headshot and its only adding up to around 850 dmg…


@MacMan any thoughts? I can tell this might take more than 5 hours.


For anyone else who found this particular mastery incredibly painful, I found a way to make it slightly more bearable. I set up a custom Defend game with Kraken as monster, Val as heals, Abe as trapper, and Hyde as assault. Don’t forget to take the damage boost perk. The trick is to go and hunt the monster right away, forget the actual defending. The Kraken will dish out some damage to your team, maybe even incapacitate a member, but the AI typically doesn’t go for the kill, and once he runs out of armor, the AI tries to find an escape route. That is when you hotswap, pop the arena, then go to town. Besides popping the arena, you can stay on Cabot for most of the round, and take time to aim your shots and make them count. Val will keep your team up while the rest of the team just adds extra damage making the rounds go faster. Kraken will just stand there sometimes when the abilities are on cooldown and the arena is up, so take advantage when you can. On average, I got between 650-1400 headshot damage in rounds lasting between 5-8 minutes.

I play the Evolve Hunter’s Quest companion app, and made sure to purchase the Rail Gun mastery boost. This progressed me 50% of the way before I attempted the grind. Trying to get headshots in live multiplayer games just wasn’t working for me, maybe getting one shot off per round in the head. Trying to focus the headshots is just too much when the monster is trying to get you and your team, and if the monster is player controlled, they make it even more difficult. With the 50% boost and my above strategy, I was able to grind out the last 50% in a little more than an hour. Hope this helps, if anyone else is looking at this grind.


Kraken has a large head and doesn’t move for most skill casts. More importantly, AI-controlled Krakens can break when domed, though I’ve not found a specific reason for it to happen apart from their AI reactivates if the dome ends.

Got close to 6000 headshot damage because of the kraken locking up on a Defend map, once.


Yeah, I would recommend Val and Abe. Val’s tranqs work well, and combined with Abe’s grenades (which the monsters often spend quite a bit of time just slowly plodding through) is a killer combo for headshots. Defend is the way to go, as the monster usually can’t hide anywhere and is already level 3, which means the most life, which means the most available life to blast away.

Val tranq, Val headshot, Abe grenades, Cabot headshots for days. This also works for Markov’s headshot requirement.


Best advice is try not to stress about it, it took me a while, and some games i would get 0 headshots, then other games i would get 2 or 3k.

Its one of those things. The Kraken is the best opponent for headshots though as someone mentioned. Slow, and easy to find the head, as well as the fact he is easier to shoot a lot of the time as he floats about in the air.

Other than that stick with it.