Cabot lost his niche with the 1.3 patch, and needs some old or new strength to compete with Hank and Sunny


Hank and Sunny are currently the most powerful supports due to the their defensive utility and the variety of tools they bring to a team.

For reasons outlined below I do not think that Cabot can compete with them.

To this end I propose a short list of buff options to bring him up to par.

Hank comes with a reliable shield to deploy as needed and his Orbital Barrage to force a Monster to leave a location.

He forces the Monster to change its game plan to focus Hank or deal with the shield and Orbital Barrage as a secondary protective measure.

Sunny has a shield drone that can somewhat less reliably defend teammates like Hank.

Her Jetpack Beam on the other hand is an extremely reliable and effective tool for helping teammates escape with many other potential uses.

Both Sunny and Hank are capable of dealing respectable damage with their weapons as well.

Cabot and Bucket are far more specialized in fights than Hank and Sunny.

Though they both come with tools to help find the Monster, their combat is entirely damage focused aside the cloak that all Supports share.

Bucket is focused on defensive damage and area denial via his Sentry Guns.

Cabot is focused on offensive damage via his Damage Amp and his formerly exceptional Rail Gun.

For either of these damage-focused supports to compete with Hank and Sunny’s utility they either need more utility of their own or very powerful damage tools to compensate.

Cabot’s tools to fill his damage niche are the Rail Gun and the Damage Amp.

By virtue of Support damage being second only to the Assault, the Damage Amp is only truly useful when the Assault is performing their ideal damage case.

This makes it a very flashy tool to help Assaults punish aggressive Monsters, but leaves it mostly useless against evasive Monsters that Assaults struggle with.

Formerly, Cabot’s Rail Gun was known for exceptional DPS among Support weaponry.

It fills the niche where the Damage Amp is ineffective: providing consistent damage against hard to hit targets when the Assault is not in position.

Nowadays, it is more or less a run of the mill Support weapon, leaving Cabot’s Damage Amp to compete with Hank and Sunny’s utility skills alone.

In my opinion, it doesn’t even come close to the usefulness of their utility.

For this reason I propose giving Cabot some of his previous power back, or giving him more utility to be less of an ineffectual specialist.

Buff Options

Mutually exclusive

A. Undo the 30% damage nerf on the Rail Gun. Keep the 25% reload time nerf.

Gives Cabot a good deal of his consistent damage back and strengthens him in his specialized role, while keeping him weaker than he once was.

B. Buff the Damage Amp to charge Cabot’s Cloak when it amplifies damage.

This would give him more cloak uptime and a faster recharge while playing nicely into his existing kit. To gain this charge he would need to expose himself in firing the weapon, making it largely a tool to keep teammates safe.

C. Extend Cabot’s Cloak range.

An alternate, if blander option that would make it easier for Cabot to cloak teammates, helping him compete with the defensive capabilities of other Hunters.

D. Increase the Damage Amp multiplier to 3X. From FrontlinerDelta

Assuming nothing else changed it would effectively empty sooner, dealing the charge’s worth of damage faster.

This would make it worth emptying whenever it was charged, rather than only worth it when the Assault is in position.

E. Allow the Railgun to create 2X Weakpoints. From Applecrow

This would create a strong synergy between the Railgun and the Damage Amp and lessen the importance of the Assault being in position.

It would create a cycle of applying weakpoints and amping damage, strongly encouraging teammates to fire on the weakpoints during the Damage Amp.

Torvald is anti fun

Sir, it was known for exceptional DPS among ALL weaponry. TRS has said in the past that the novelty of the rail gun was shooting through walls, not high damage.


Rail gun is still doing exceptional damage, and it has stupid good utility. What more do you want?


This is actually where Cabot has utility above all other characters in the game. He can still do damage to a monster thats hiding 40m away through a wall. Its less effective than a full on assault but its cheap easy damage that a monster cannot avoid.


Where is the bucket love?



bucket is my favorite support



Personally I’d like the reload nerf to be removed, the 30% damage reduction was a good start to nerfing the Rail Cannon.

As for Bucket I’d like to see his Turrets gain 10m increased range and 1 second reduction in arm time.


Shooting through walls is highly situational with the limited pierce range and the damage halving attribute.

But regardless of the state of the Rail Gun, Cabot needs something more to compete with top supports.


Among Support weapons, I don’t think so.

Its utility is marginal - shooting through walls at a short range for half damage.


Damage that will not come close to piercing the Monster’s armor alone.

I’d much rather go for an Orbital Barrage or use the Jetpack Booster to get the Assault in position.


This thread is about Cabot, this is what I’d do for Bucket.


I’d prefer the damage reduction removed so that slower, more damaging shots make precision easier.


I went through a very intense Behemoth match last night as Cabot. The cool down hurt and the damage even more; however, I stopped trying to tank the monster and did a lot more kiting than I have in the past. In the end I was forced to really abuse my ability to dust tag and shoot through walls, which kept the monster busy on enough occasions to create a very close match that, in the final seconds, could have gone either way. I feel Cabot may in the end get a very tiny buff, if any, but he’ll be just fine compared to other supports.


It sounds like the Behemoth didn’t create enough distance between fights, though that admittedly can be harder for him than other Monsters - needs a good roll path.

On a somewhat related note, since it is relatively easy for an Assault to position against a Behemoth I’d expect Cabot’s Damage Amp to be much more useful against him than other Monsters.

Generally I wouldn’t use matches against Behemoth as a metric for character balance at this point, as he may well be underpowered and people are still learning how to play him.


The only thing cabot could use is a better dust cloud. Now that we have Gobi, Cabot’s monster highlighting skill is completely redundant.

The railgun is still good. It does not need to be unnerfed.


It goes through everything until it goes through 40m of material. you can shoot clear across the map with it. I can’t tell you how many matches were ended for my team because of Cabot hitting the dust tag at the end of an arena and then rail cannon hitting him to prevent eating and knock health away. That’s what makes him good.


The range limit is how far it goes after the pierce.

That just sounds like cocky Monster play to be honest - eating so soon after a Dome.

Especially considering how that gives him stamina to flee within a long range.


I guess my sentiment is that despite people’s thoughts on Behemoth, I wasn’t doing that much actual damage to him and really had to sit back a lot more. I don’t enjoy Cabot’s nerf, I honestly don’t, but being a devils advocate to just see it from the dev’s point of view I had to use Cabot’s abilities a lot more than just using the damage amp until it was empty followed by tanking the monster for a while. Preferably I could see a small damage reduction but not 30% combined with a reload nerf. It is what it is and I still found Cabot to be effective, just in a different way.


Behemoth is known to be an easy target.

My issue is that Cabot as a whole doesn’t stack up to Sunny and Hank.

There are more ways to fix that than partially undoing the Railgun nerf, though I certainly wouldn’t mind that option.


Agreed; although I enjoy playing Cabot I’m a monster main, and I used to fear Cabot quite a bit as his damage capacity was quite high. This was on par with Hank’s laser cutter & orbital drop and bucket’s rockets & sentries. While Cabot is now a lot more support than mini-assault, I think he’s gone too far in the other direction.


It wasn’t cocky when Caira was on the team it was necessary. When the dome came down if you had low health you had to eat quick otherwise a good Caira would Speed Boost the whole team right on you, possibly finishing you off if you hadn’t gotten armor.


Ah, eating in a Dome.

Anyone can interrupt that cheesy nonsense in the right position.

Sounds like the Monster was already near losing if they had low health and just got domed.


sorry misunderstanding, the dome comes down, monster escapes with little health and has to armoe up. Cabot’s rail cannon finishes the job. I didn’t mean eating in the dome, that’s silly lol


In that case, the Monster should be able to utilize its superior mobility to lose the Hunters before snacking.