Cabot Dust and Slim Spores


Cabot Dusts outline seems to dissapear while the monster is within the Spore cloud and this can be very distracting as a Cabot who wants to pop shots through walls on a highlighted monster.

I noticed this happening once while playing Cabot with a mate who was playing Slim.

And I have so far only done this comp once so I cannot say for sure if its a re-occuring thing or a once-in-a-while type of deal but it was rather irritating I must admit. :expressionless:


The Spore Cloud also removes tracking dart markers and UAV tags.


The spore cloud confuses all!


Well, with this, maybe peoble will stop crying about the cloud being OP.


I don’t find the cloud OP but I definitely find it disorienting. I’m a really weak Monster player and having the added WTF? makes it even more… difficult.


It’s also not very fun to fight through. OP? No. Fun? Hell to the no. It’s the most annoying thing ever.


It kinda is.

I normally play Hunter but when it was my turn to bite the bullet I was like “You know what, I’ll make the best out of it!” then was rewarded with T4 Hunters. Managed to get to Stage 2, was found and from there I couldn’t see a damn thing. Karma for picking Slim so much and doing the same to other Monsters I figure. :smiley:


Ouch. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah in terms of power, Tier 4 is too high, but not by that much. But they’re a pain in the ass to fight and they destroy any semblance of meta we had.


Fairly certain if a monster had something like Spore Cloud, it would be considered OP by the hunters here as well. Try fighting a monster whose health you have no idea about along with your teammate’s health disappearing.

This is kind of the issue. If an ability is going to be frustrating for one team it needs to, in general, have a high cooldown AND be EXTREMELY satisfying for the team using it. This is often thrown around by Riot as “anti-fun” or something like that.

Now most weapons or abilities are going to be “anti-fun” to the person they are being used on, what truly makes it anti-fun is when the frustration caused by these weapons/abilities is far greater than the satisfaction gained from using them.

Often stated is the “mana leech”. It makes your opponent unable to fight back. It’s extremely frustrating to lose your only ability to fight back. Meanwhile the other person is just kind of using the mana leech. It doesn’t provide the satisfaction of a kill nor is seeing someone’s ability to fight just slowly draining THAT exciting.

Same goes for spore cloud. I’ve never heard a Slim go “OH YEA! GOOD SPORE CLOUD, THAT’S AWESOME!”, in fact most Slim’s claim it feels unimpactful.

But go be monster. You’ll see it becomes the most frustrating thing ever in fights and you HATE the Slim player.

The amount of fun being generated by it is nearly 0 but the frustration is extremely high. It’s poorly designed imo.

Contrast that with Hank’s Orbital Barrage. That might be frustrating to be caught in as monster but it generates a lot of excitement for the hunter team “LOOK AT HIS HEALTH MELT!!!” and it’s on a decent cooldown so it can’t happen consistently to the monster.

That’s a good ability design.


Most people just traverse out, and then back in once they located Slim. He isn’t hard to keep an eye on, once you find him. His shotgun is a giveaway.


They’re just enough that if you run into a string of them and you’re really trying your hand at Monster it’s, uh, discouraging. I’ve heard vet Monsters grumble about them (well, mostly Sunny and Thor) so we Monster n00bs get totally reckt hard.


MacMan even said that they had abilities that messed with the Hunters’ vision but they weren’t fun and they were scrapped. Interesting that the same courtesy was not extended to Monster players.


I am a Monster vet (I’m not great, but I don’t suck either…I think :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I grumble about them.


I find the tall grass does that enough sometimes!


Monster vets are used to jump in and smash while relying on smell a lot. This forces you to play in a different manner. Confusing to say the least. I’ve switched to slim and we ravage a monster that was easily tearing us a new one before. So he’s becoming my choice over caira unless we’re in a close nit cave :open_mouth:

I also use the spore cloud shots for heading off the monster - Sometimes it can be used for herding them in certain directions if they think more hunters are coming from another direction hehe


Really? Because as a Hunter main (I play them both equally, but I’ve been laying off Monster recently) I disagree.


Nailed it! Getting hit by a barrage is bad, VERY bad, but not frustrating at all, and it’s pretty damn cool. Getting spored? No, just…no.


Yup, was editing my response when you replied, there’s a larger section to my post now. I’m on a little bit of crusade against spore launcher personally. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want people to realize that it’s not just that hunters are hard to see but it takes away our critical information we need to make informed decisions since we are solo.

Against a decent Slim who can heal well and does a good job of keeping spores on you, fights become a gamble for monsters, they have to HOPE the person they are targeting is going to go down anytime soon. It is easily the most frustrating weapon the hunter’s have imo.

I would rather fight Caira than Slim any day.


I was referring to having your vision obscured when you’re flung into dense foliage by the Monster. Silly plants all over my TV!


I would rather fight Caira than any other Medic honestly, because Lazarus screws with my tactics and makes fights boring, Tranqs and Spores annoy me and Caira just has good healing. :slight_smile: