Cabot balance discussion


It always baffles me when people say cabot needs buffs lol

(Niaccurshi: Splitting this out to keep the other thread about Bucket)

Detailed fine tuning of Cabot (mostly buffs)
Some concrete buffs to our favorite or 2nd favorite Robot (Bucket)

[quote=“Sidewaysgts, post:11, topic:81071”]
It always baffles me when people say cabot needs buffs lol
[/quote]It really shouldn’t, he falls so far below Hank that it’s not even funny.

Think of it this way, Cabot takes more effort than rightfully worthwhile to make work on a team, and even then he is only sometimes somewhat useful.

Hank takes a moderate amount effort to make work on a team, and is useful all of the time.

See the difference? Cabot pretty much sits at high-risk-low-reward, you have absolutely no reason to pick him over Hank. And if/when Sunny eventually gets nerfed to a more balanced state you’ll still have no reason to pick Cabot over her because she’ll be adding more to a team through utility alone, where the Amp and the Rail Cannon have utterly horrid synergy and make trying to switch from a supportive to offensive role more trouble than it’s worth.


They don’t give enough damage compared to the defensive supports. With Hank or Sunny your still getting decent damage AND superb defense.
Plus, Cabot only works with Laz, and maybe Rogue or Caira. Whereas defensive supports work with everybody. That’s not balanced.


For basically any monster other than kraken, Ive got to disagree big time.

Do I see the difference?


Do I care? No. Yes- Cabot is more challenging and less forgiving than hank. But im not worried about that when discussing viability and balance. I look at how hes capable of playing at a high level.

I disagree that the reward for cabot is “low”

Theres plenty of reasons to pick cabot over hank.

Really? Why? I find they work quite well together.

I find cabots damage to be pretty dang high all said and done- But that said its the difference in how the damage is delivered thats important to note. Id rather have something that did 1000 damage instantly, with a 15 second cooldown, than something that does 80 damage per second for 15 seconds (1200 damage).

The utility of burst damage is nothing to scoff at.

Its an asymmetrical game. By its very nature there are going to be characters who mesh “better” with more or fewer characters.

This is perfectly fine to me.


macman said forever ago that they wanted to make bucket and cabots cloaks last longer than sunny and hanks so they would have more defense, but that never happened. Personally I thought it was a good idea.


I wouldve liked that too honestly. They couldve easily had very different takes on it, even between cabot and bucket, different ranges, durations, cooldowns. Imagine having a larger field that didnt last as long, but cooldowned much faster for example.


I think Cabot could use a buff. Increased range of the damage amp and quicker reload of the rail cannon would help.

Cabot requires great coordination with assault to be effective, which isn’t always easy. And without a shielding support on the team, monsters can down assault which can cripple a Cabot comp. He’s difficult to use and arguably the most risky support.


He needs some love. You have to be close to use the amp and his rail gun isn’t good compared to every other supports weapon. It reloads too slow and doesn’t have the right kick for a Railgun.


Increasing his amp range would do wonders, everything about his kit is long range and then you get to the amp and suddenly he needs to be close. Sure it’s high risk and high reward, but the loss of shields or a jet booster is already a high enough risk. A reload speed buff on his Rail Cannon would be helpful too.


He needs a buff because against a good monster, it’s near impossible to survive without a defensive Support. In my experience anyway.


I like the idea of longer and/or larger radius cloaks for Cabbage and Bucket. It could be all it takes to give them the extra defensive edge they need to compete with Hank. Sunny is in her own class right now so can’t really compare against her.


I feel like for the complete lack of defensive capabilities he should be made more viable with uncoordinated teams. Sure, Damage amp + mortars, mines or thunder strike will work wonders… But when that Abe thinks he can achieve more damage than 2 Gold mines at once… Ugh…


@The_Mastermind where are you?


This is something the balance team is currently working through. Similar to @LordDeath talking about splitting up flame ticks into separate damage.


Has the spell of deadlines been casted upon this?


I wish they can increase the range of dmg amp



Don’t worry, I won’t tell the fair Maiden.


Another big problem is Hank is a ‘selfish’ character. The person playing Hank could be deaf and mute and work almost as effective as a regular player playing Hank. It doesn’t take communication to shield, use orbital defensively or anything.

Cabot requires teamwork. Cabot is still good, but most people play it solo yolo style and then wonder why they fail. This is why most people flock to ‘selfish’ and ‘easy’ characters.


This. 100x this.