Cabot and Torvald make a disgusting combination


Hide your Wraiths, hide your Behemoths.

Slays any monster in two mortars…

One of my favorite comps. XD Throw in Crow into the mix and you have yourself a seal clubbing competition.


Is the Mortars bugged? Because they can do more damage that damage amp can put out.


No thats not bugged. The amp only works on X amount of damage before it needs to recharge. It also gets insta burned by ark mines. But yeah had one game with that combo and it bye monster.


Yeah that comp makes me cry tears of blood, luckily everyone plays Sunny so I don’t face it often.


torvald and cabot make me not do my normal stage one engagement


Yeah…One good barrage TANKS my Amp. ಠ_ಠ It’s somewhat annoying.

I prefer a good Parnell though, he doesn’t have to rely on the Monster being stationary, and it’s MUCH easier to get the Amp in time to maximize damage. I don’t have to keep an eye on Torvald’s position and the Monster at the same time. :slight_smile:


What Rose said. ^.-


I’m pretty sure Torvald makes a disgusting combination.

(see what I did there)


Can Torvald even poop


In a sense, it’s turned into fuel for his systems.


No he cannot all the waste that is deposited from his body goes to the core of his robot body to be converted into energy.

I’ve also heard rumors that he needs regular testosterone injections to stay big and strong because you know…