Cabot and Particles


So my teammates have been having issues with Cabots dusk tag in a dome, they seem to lose frame rate when I use it.

Dunno if this is commonly known or if they’re is a fix, they did fix they’re settings to try and help but apparently it doesn’t work so well


What system are you on?


i personally never have problems with them.

i know Shredder has problems with them though


I think some people have the same issue when using Slim’s Spore Cloud as well.


Are the lag issues always for PC? I would assume if it was for console it would be on all consoles of that type.


He’s on the PC. Played with them the other night.

The dust cloud also eats my FPS.


Yeah PC player and they lag hard when I Dusk Tag and it’s getting to the point I can’t casually use it when needed


What are your specs if you have this issue. I’m wondering if it’s video card specific or something else. Also what OS.


It happens to me as well.

It’s not really that severe, but does cost me about 5 to 10 frames while the Dust Tag particles are active. Not really a mystery, the dust particles are just many details to render.
Thinking about it now, it might not be a bad idea to perhaps cut those particles in half.


Cabot’s dust tag is also the most framerate killing thing for me. Depending on how much of my screen it takes up I lose between 10-20 FPS I think. I usually run at 60 FPS, so it’s not like I’m helpless from the FPS drop once it happens, but it’s just a bit frustrating :slightly_smiling:


Yep! I used to have this back on my like, 4 year old AMD card. I dunno if it’s a hardware problem but it sure was for me. Wherever I looked when there was dust, I’d get massive frame drops, look away, all’s well. xD


Yeah, Dust Tag kills my FPS, so does heavy rain and dust storms to a lesser degree.

Though I just realise that despite thinking I bought a 4GB video card, I only bought a 2GB one… how did I miss that for so long?!


this happens to me also…someone told me it’s the cryengine and to turn down the anti-aliasing(?) not sure what that is or how I would do this


I have the same issues

SLI 2 x 780 GTX on 4K monitor. I am always at 60 fps but with Cabot and Slim particules it is arround 10~20 fps.

I have the same problem If I downscale my resolution at 1440p and 1080p even though I use 1 or 2 graphics cards.

I tried to downgrade the graphic drivers, but the game ie still laggy in cabot dust.


OS: Win 7 64 bit.

My own rig is on the low-end for Evolve:
8 gig of Ram
Intel i5-3570K (3.4 GHz)
NVIDIA 660 (2 GB VRam)

Most of the eye candy is disabled though so I can actually play the game. The storms I don’t have a problem with, it’s looking directly at the dust cloud at close range and the heavy rain on Murder Pits also eats my FPS.


If I remember correctly this problem comes from anti-virus programs, not the hardware. This problem has been known for a while, as far as I know it can be solved by making evolve an exception to the anti-virus software.


but then the monsters can get through!


Never have this problem on PS4


Any solutions for these people?


other than manually changing graphics settings, dont know. shadows? particles (duh).