Cabot adaptaion idea


So I’ve been thinking about it for a bit and I decide I’d throw in an adaptation idea for my favorite support.

Railway Cannon
Much slower firing but does much more damage than the Rail Cannon.
15% more damage
25% longer reload
Railway Rifle
20% less damage
30% faster reload

Damage charger
Similar to Crow’s stasis gun you need to charge up a shot but once you do it will remain on the monster for a period of time. Not as long as Crow’s full charged stasis however.
It will do slightly less amped damage than the standard damage amp to compensate for Cabot’s additional damage input.

Compact dust tag
25% faster reload
20% shorter duration
15% smaller radius

The main reason why I went with the damage amp change was because in order for Cabot to work you always needed a well coordinated assault and it made Cabot feel far less worthwhile if you didn’t so I made changes to let Cabot feel more like an offensive support.




I like it by the way!


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