(C) The human mind

The human mind is a precious thing and that we should treasure it forever, but atlast nothing can last forever, or can it!? You see with the progression of our technology we humans have also been able to develop brain scanners which can scan the human brain for seeing where the hot spots are on your brain for thinking, this highly advanced peice of technology could potentionly be upgraded into more then just scanning for hot spots in the human brain, with this technology we could actualy scan and copy the memories in the human brain and store them on a file in a highly advanced hardrive capable of storing its mass amount of information through the use of DNA drives, DNA drives or DNA memory cards are considered one of the largest hardrives that the world invented so far, yet the main problem is that it’s so dang expensive to get or use those do to some complications on how long it would take to even transfer information onto to the DNA drive. But with these things human society can store there humanity onto the web placed in a file ready to be transferred into a machine to create a sentient robot. Thus leading us to the age of SOMA but without the apocalyptic part included.

Picture of this age coming soon:

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I am personly not exited for this age.

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Well we are approaching that age @MidnightRoses.

With enough energy it’s theoretically possible to transfer human DNA and thus make ourselves immortal. We’d likely need to reach the energy levels of a Dyson Sphere for this to be plausible, but it is possible.

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