(C) Stage 3 Evolve will engulf the galaxy and multiverse


Ok stage 2 Evolve is now a thing, and it balances out the market with its shiny new changes. But what would happen if Evolve reached stage 3? Well Galac-I mean my data has shown that that right now stage evolve is currently gathering a huge mass of players.

But why do you think its happening you say? Well its currently known that in its early release it was stage 1. While it was in stage 1 it took many bullets from the Angryjoe hunter team… But it was not enough, Evolve went to stage up at stage 2 of its mutation and evened the playing field.

But now Evolve is becoming strong, and soon enough it will reach stage 3 and obtain the ability to create a perfect vacuum by using the mass gathered from the customers transforming the universe into the perfect vacuum.

This is from Cybersquid and I’m signing off.


Hmm wonder if that ends with “toid” :stuck_out_tongue: the world will never know


Stage 3 will be virtual reality Evolve, feel the grass and the devil bird shocks for yourself as you hunt down bob and the rest of the monster crew.