(C) It's impossible to be original


People think that they are original with their content or ideas, well that’s where your wrong. People may think that a lot of things are original. When in reality its not, like for instance if someone punched a tree in real life, another person may have already have done that before you in the past or present in the world or even within this entire universe, and if not it has for sure been done in the infinite dimensions with infinite possibilities.

each of those glowing lights are its own dimension or universe having infinite possible outcomes. In one of those dimensions there could be a person or alien doing the exact same thing as me before or at this very moment. No matter what you come up with or do is always going to be unoriginal. There would even be alternate routes that you take in one of these dimensions as well.

In summary we are all unoriginal.


Or this is the reality/dimension where I was first :smiley:


But I could also be first…


Somewhere in another reality someone has said the same thing as you and I.


In another reality Slim wasn’t made.

In another reality Evolve exploded with informed players.

In another reality Evolve was never made.

In another reality I helped create Evolve.

In another reality I died years ago.

In another reality I didn’t write this reply.

In another reality there was evidence of Aliens.

In another reality there’s a planet run by @MaddCow s


In another reality @10shredder00 loves slim.


Saying its impossible to be original is pretty cliche.


In another reality, my two sentry brothers are alive…


Or you are just human triplets :stuck_out_tongue:


In another reality, Gobi controls Crow.


In another reality the monsters are hunters and hunters are monsters.


I think this is already the case. The monsters are just saving the Universe but because the Hunters don’t know any better they are exterminating them with prejudice. And the Monsters do hunt Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


Because being original is mainstream
drop the mic


The Multiverse theory is still only a theory. Though it’s not impossible that other universes could exist, we don’t really have any proof of it yet, much less how to access other universes.

Furthermore, I’m not sure if we can really say each universe has its own ‘dimension,’ at least in the sense of 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional or in the 4th dimension. We can’t even really say the Monsters are undeniably from an entire separate dimension, unless traveling through Minkowski space immediately classifies you as an interdimensional creature rather than just being capable of interdimensional travel.

So, actually, we may be original. We may not. We don’t have proof of that yet, and even as it were, does that mean every universe and/or dimension has its own spacetime-continuum? What’s to say that each of these timelines don’t all happen simultaneously? Wouldn’t that mean that every time we created something that it would be original AND unoriginal at the same time?

“Time” is a perputally forward-moving entity. It can be warped - sped up and slowed down by gravity, as shown by Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, but it still exists. Truly a fascinating, enigmatic thing.


I know but its great for sci-fi that’s for sure.


Just saying, how can something become unoriginal if it has never been done in the first place?
There has to be an original before copies become unoriginal.


In another reality Stavig is Torvald.


No such reality exists.


###RIP Sentries :bucket_sentrygun: :bucket_sentrygun:
You will be missed :bucket_salute:


In another universe @LadieAuPair posts gifs about pop corn eating micheal jacksons


You’re not the first one to have made this thread. :>