(C) Is Galactoid the Cybersquidarmy?


There have been theories amongst the forumers that Galactoid is the Cybersquidarmy. But is it true? Well according to the game Soma, there is process of brain scanning in which is a machine that scans the brain and copies it into a folder where that brain scanned file will be stored. Like this__________________________________________________

Once that has been done, the file can be used as a template to create an A.I for different purposes with diverging personalities. That or you can make a sentient robot using that brain scan, maybe even modifying the personality traits to bring in more independence. Here is an example of an sentient robot.

This could mean only one thing! Its either @Galactoid or @cybersquidarmy that is a brain scan in which made a sentient robot that browses the forums and creates threads with insane theories or science.

#The question is which one is copy?


I miss @Galactoid


He’s come back actually. Just made a thread too over whether or not he should buy Xcom 2.


How did I not notice!!


“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

Do your own thing, don’t imitate another forum member because you will always be known as the “copy cat.”


Nah I was pulling a leg with a joke that I have seen on my other threads. If it wasn’t obvious at least.


I’m here lol.

Just taking a break from the forums since I’m currently busy with many other things.


Eh. I thought it was funny. I don’t think of him as a copycat. He’s got personality.