C-could it be...Monster buffs confirmed in this title patch?


basically in thread above, player was complaining about how Hunters are over buffed and how hard it is to win with Monster.

The @SledgePainter 's response was :

What do you think? Might it mean that there are monster buffs coming in next title update ? Shall I start fueling the hype train?

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There may be more fallout than improvement friend. Hunt 2.0 will definitely provide the needed information for what needs to be improved and downgraded. I personally don’t see the monsters as being so ridiculously UP as people say but I’m just pubbing my way through losses and never had the luxury of playing with 3 other skilled communicating team members.


Nah, it’s more a case of Sledge advising that you wait and see what’s coming. We know there’s a TU coming up, and soon, so who knows what kind of changes we have in there? :wink:


I hope not on console, the hunters arent OP there.


Wait what, what Goliath nerf is he talking about? xD Goliath was buffed, lol.
What buffs did hunters get? Apart from just a more rational jetpack mechanics and reduction of bs knockback that was also necessary.


The only nerf to Goliath I can really see would be the knockback nerf because it neutered Charge. :stuck_out_tongue:


Charge is bad now imo. -.-
At least his fire breath is working well for him. ^.-


PLEEEEEASE! monster buffs. mmmmm


Let’s get some Wraith balancing in… Actually make her have useful abilities, besides Warp Blast… -.-


No the jump nerf remember? Even though it adds only 2 more seconds per traversal recharge, WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO NERF THE MOST BALANCED MONSTER IN THE GAME???


Eh. I hardly feel it. It was warranted IMO. I could evade damage too easily.


You’re supposed to be able to avoid damage. It’s part of your strategy and it wasn’t too much at all. Goliath is a leaping Lizard, literally!


In my opinion it was a bit much. Now if you get domed in a bad spot you WILL take damage. It’s fair.

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To me just because if you get domed in a bad spot, doesn’t mean you should take too much damage if you still evade to live ya know?


Well a few extra leaps will NOT save you if you’re domed in a bad spot. :stuck_out_tongue:


And that to me is wrong. Monsters should always be able to have the option to save themselves, not be an instant loss :confused:

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Yes. But that’s not an issue related to the jump nerf.


It’s not but you see why I have issues with how the game is balanced right now haha :slight_smile:

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Be offensive.
be-e offensive!
If your going to take damage, might as well deal damage as well.


No point when you don’t deal enough damage to out-damage the healing and when you take enough damage to just die :confused: We’re talking about being stage 1 here right?