C-Bucket Speculation Thread


#Hello Dave.
It’s that time again! With the Trello board stating that they have begun work on a new Support adaptation, it seems highly likely that it will be C-Bucket! There has already been a theory based off of a drop ship conversation that he will be named Celestial Bucket, but what abilities will he have?

Personally, I believe it will be…

  • Burst Missile Launcher - hold down mouse to fire all 5 rockets at once, unguided, a-la Halo Mantis
  • Personal Overclock - Bucket’s Mechanized Recharge is used to give himself movement speed, jump night, damage, and reload increase; a Parnell Super-Soldier Bucket
  • Lockdown - Bucket becomes an immobile sentry turret, like Bastion from Overwatch, in exchange for massive DPS.


I'm convinced C-Bucket is an Assault

Very interesting idea.

If it had a large cooldown and a long-ish setup time, with high damage, it’d be an ability that needs to be used perfectly but pays off well. I like it.


Why would it need a cool down but it would be interesting to see it implemented


I’m not totally sold; it sounds a lot more assault-esque than it should in my opinion. He’s still a support. I like the ideas, and I would find it REALLY cool if they did a cross-class adaptaion, but these abilities are too selfish in my opinion for a support. I’d 10000x much rather have a bucket that gives everyone a class cooldown reduction than one that speeds himself up. Also, it sorta contradicts the sentry idea, which is probably my favorite part of your idea. You have a very mobile character with a completely immobile ability.


What about the sentries? :bucket_sentrygun: :bucket_sentrygun: :bucket_sentrygun:


Lockdown MAKES Bucket the sentry gun!
The big mama llama of sentry guns


To really solidify it as a very strong ability that requires careful use, I guess.


So you’re telling me sentry#1, sentry#2 and sentry#3 will die just like sentry#4 and sentry#5?


He actually already does that right now xD


IM SORRY BAE :sob: but he’s a war drone! Besides, Bucket could be fighting multiple monsters at a time with two chassis - which means, more bucket sentries :3

Also, maybe he could just have sentries welded onto his body :joy:


That lockdown is a pretty good idea. Perhaps add a timer or whatever where you have to transform into humanoid form againt, meaning that if you want to move there’s a 1 second or half second delay or so. Again, another trade-off for the massive damage increase you’d get


I beat yall to it:

Why the duplicate thread? (I see you also used the picture of chat from my thread, so I assume you already knew about the thread)

Even if you are talking about abilities, I don’t see why they can’t be talked about there since Bucket’s alluded new chassis is already discussed.


#Because he’s the hero Shear deserves; but not the one it needs.


Mostly because this one is titled as a “speculation thread”, while yours is more wondering whether or not it’s Celestial Bucket :slight_smile:


My guess would be that C-Bucket is an assault. Names are just random, but for loadout I think he would have something like this:

  • Rapid-Fire Missile Launcher - Basically imagine the sidewinder from Titanfall. A dumb-fire missile launcher with a large magazine and fire rate, but a lightly lower damage per shot than OG Bucket. The travel speed would also probably need to be a bit faster.

  • Sentry Turrets - Not sure about this one. Perhaps 1 turret that is much more powerful, or maybe the turrets are more like Slim’s bug where you send them after the monster and they hover around it. If he is an assault then I doubt he’ll also have 3 turrets alongside his yellow counterpart.

  • Overcharge - Like Overwatch’s Soldier 76, C-Bucket gains the ability to dramatically increase his accuracy for a brief spell. His missile launcher becomes targeting and all shots automatically lock on and home towards the monster. In addition his turrets become pinpoint accurate, landing all shots (even at max range).


I hope they add lockdown