(C) A possible universal armaggedon in evolve


With the hunter Kala many have immediately delved into her lore. Also with this characters release, the writer of evolves story included very big yet tiny pieces of crucial information.

#“We will nucleate a true vacuum! This abnormality will be erased!”

Nucleate as in creating a cell or unknown object/organism?! Maybe something else?

Nucleation is usually a stochastic process, so even in two identical systems nucleation will occur at different times.[1][2][3] This behaviour is similar to radioactive decay. A common mechanism is illustrated in the animation to the below. This shows nucleation of a new phase (shown in red) in an existing phase (white). In the existing phase microscopic fluctuations of the red phase appear and decay continuously, until an unusually large fluctuation of the new red phase is so large it is more favourable for it to grow than to shrink back to nothing. This nucleus of the red phase then grows and converts the system to this phase. The standard theory that describes this behaviour for the nucleation of a new thermodynamic phase is called classical nucleation theory.

depending on if its organic or close to organic this also another way that decribes what the monsters mean.

In cell anatomy, Microtubule nucleation is the event that initiates de novo formation of microtubules. These filaments of the cytoskeleton typically form through polymerization of α- and β-tubulin dimers, the basic building blocks of the microtubule, which initially interact to nucleate a seed from which the filament elongates.[1]

Microtubule nucleation occurs spontaneously in vitro, with solutions of purified tubulin giving rise to full-length polymers. The tubulin dimers that make up the polymers have an intrinsic capacity to self-aggregate and assemble into cylindrical tubes, provided there is an adequate supply of GTP. The kinetics barriers of such a process however mean that the rate at which microtubules spontaneously nucleate is relatively low.[2]

In vivo, cells get around this kinetic barrier by using various proteins to aid microtubule nucleation. The primary pathway by which microtubule nucleation is assisted requires the action of a third type of tubulin, γ-tubulin, which is distinct from the α and β subunits that compose the microtubules themselves. The γ-tubulin combines with several other associated proteins to form a conical structure known as the γ-tubulin ring complex (γ-TuRC). This complex, with its 13-fold symmetry, acts as a scaffold or template for α/β tubulin dimers during the nucleation process—speeding up the assembly of the ring of 13 protofilaments that make up the growing microtubule.[3] The γ-TuRC also acts as a cap of the (−) end while the microtubule continues growth from its (+) end. This cap provides both stability and protection to the microtubule (-) end from enzymes that could lead to its depolymerization, while also inhibiting (-) end growth.

The γ-TuRC is typically found as the core functional unit in a microtubule organizing center (MTOC), such as the centrosome in animal cells or the spindle pole bodies in fungi and algae. The γ-TuRCs in the centrosome nucleate an array of microtubules in interphase, which extend their (+)-ends radially outwards into the cytoplasm towards the periphery of the cell. Among its other functions, this radial array is used by microtubule-based motor proteins to transport various cargoes, such as vesicles, to the plasma membrane.

#“The boundary of stability is wrong! We are the universe righting itself!”

I’m assuming when they by the boundary of stability is wrong has something to do with:

The γ-TuRC also acts as a cap of the (−) end while the microtubule continues growth from its (+) end. This cap provides both stability and protection to the microtubule (-) end from enzymes that could lead to its depolymerization, while also inhibiting (-) end growth.

The boundary of stability is wrong! (This cap provides both stability and protection) do they mean that the universe or something went beyond its cap through use of the Patterson tech?!

This seems very similar to the effect on “Doctor who” where traveling between dimensions causes an effect that would raise the temperature in the dimensions or dimension by a small degree with each use of travel. The devices that were used for it was hurting the dimensions or dimension when traveling. This the device they used or close to that.


When warping to another dimension, its like breaking a cap or barrier, atleast in this sense anyways. Here’s an example below.

#Imagine this circle being a vacuum chamber.
A vacuum is a space devoid of matter. Now imagine the use of warping or dimension traveling acting as a needle, puncturing and creating hole in the circle.
What happens when there’s a hole in the circle? Well without it being 100% closed, matter can enter vacuumed circle and thus no longer making it a vacuum. According to “Doctor who” it is stated to be very harmful. Here is the example of a non vacuum.

#"This is a false vacuum! We are the catalyst for conversion!

As you can see this circle filled with particles, think of these particles as matter.
With matter filling up the circle, it is no longer a vacuum. Do to this, I believe that’s why the monsters call this universe an false vacuum, atleast one of the reasons.

But in order to truly create perfect vacuum, you would need…

1.A chamber.

  1. If it has anything in it, such as matter. You would need to destroy everything in it.

  2. It has to be sealed tight with no cracks or holes whatsoever.

(if the listing is numbered wrong above, it probably bugged out.)

Now knowing that the monsters want a true vacuum. What they might try to do could be destructive on a universal scale. There are some ways they could do this, here’s what I believe they might do. Since their HNA is chaotic and changes all the time, I think that the monsters would try to create an Amoeba like organism that would absorb everything in the universe to create the perfect vacuum.

here’s a depiction of what I’m talking about

Now since this evolve monsters we are talking about, it’s probably going to be more advanced in its digestion and would most likely be able to absorb everything. Once it has absorbed all matter, the outer part of Amoeba would probably absorb the inner part itself stretching out creating an empty space in the center where the perfect vacuum would be created. Here’s an example.

This is gif of what would probably happen.

#“All that lives, dies!”

This would probably explain why they said that as well.

#So in conclusion everyone will die from digestion or something close to that.

This has been brought to you by “Keep shear weird!”

Theory: Why the Monsters want the Patterson Tech

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