By far the most frustrating thing for me


… is when I’m Hotswapped onto the trapper, flying towards the monster with dome in hand, when someone joins, ejecting me, and the bot immediately turns around while the player is still idle, preventing me from getting a dome. I don’t know if it’s feasible, but is there any way for Hotswap to not end until the player actively takes control? At least they’d know to keep going the direction I was headed… hopefully.

Hotswapping forced ejection change

Sounds like a pretty rare thing to happen, still not happened to me. Try to ignore it, you most likely wont get it again for awhile. ^.^


This probably happens to me once every other play session. Maybe just cuz I obsessively hotswap if we have no trapper >.>


Hmm, I guess so. O.o
870 hours for me in Evolve, and not happened to me. But then again, I usually play pre-mades.

Try to find a friend to play with, that likes trapper. Might help with the problem. ^.^


It happened to me several times. That crap pisses me off.


Holy crap and I thought I played a lot. I’m only at 137, but yeah, it happens to me sorta often. I usually have friends, it’s just annoying when I don’t. And I usually prioritize Trapper, but I gotta get that Sunny elite.