Buying skins requires minimum spend?



Might not be the right place for this, is the ‘bug’ where you have to pay a minimum of of 5 dollars to get a single skin from in game store fixable? I don’t want to keep paying 5 dollars for a 2.99 skin.

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Tagging @SlabOMeat as well. Is this for PC?

Did you submit a ticket too?


This sounds suspiciously like Xbone. Very reminiscent of “Microsoft Points”, but at least they’re using real money denominations now?


This is PC.

What happens is that if the item is on the Evolve In-game store, but not the Steam Store, it wants you to use steam wallet instead of a credit/visa/debit card. The minimum amount you can add to the card is 5 dollars.

I did this to get the Clownfish Wraith assuming I could use the remainder to by the Tiger, but even if the wallet has money it it, it won’t work unless it has a minimum of 5 dollars.

In affect, I am paying 5 dollars every time I buy any skins.


Ah yeah the $5 minimum to add funds is just a steam wallet thing, but needing to have a minimum of $5 in the wallet for a purchase to go through definitely sounds like a bug.


Definitely not a TRS/2K issue.

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Hey there,

Unfortunately that’s not something 2K/TRS have control of. Steam Wallet requires you to make a minimum $5 purchase.

After you spend $2.99, there will be $2.01 left in your account. This money can be used to purchase the other skins, or simply purchase anything from the Steam store (games, items for the other games or trading cards).


If someone can send me privately a video next time they are purchasing skin and spending $5 for it, that will be something 2K will be willing to investigate with Valve.



It’s Steams fault, not 2K