Buying Silver Keys


As much as people hate Microtransactions in games I feel as if the gaining of silver keys is far too low, I’ve been saving my silver keys to buy EMET and I haven’t even hit 4000 keys after 5 hours of saving I would love for a “founder upgrade” package to be introduced or even a way to outright buy a character ( A testing option should be available too ) so I can forgo the grind for silver keys and support a game I’ve been enjoying. I know money probably isn’t the focus right now so I understand why you can’t buy everything.

TL;DR I want a founder upgrade


They just amplfied the amount of keys when you win a match. It’s now 150 Keys


Ah, wonderful thanks for the info.


No problem :slight_smile:


You can buy a brand new copy of Evolve for PC and get made a Founder.
Copies are available for like $10-$15.


All the boxed copies aren’t available for delivery for me and the keys are unavailable to buy, so that doesn’t solve my issue.


Depends how you feel about G2A then.


Ah, okay appreciate the help.
Also, would you happen to know if using this key resets my progress?


No clue on that one. You should probably ask a Dev about that to be sure.


False. That was the “Daily” challenges not matches in general.


Once the game is out of beta you’ll be able to buy silver keys. Or at least a booster to earn more.


Oops, well thank you for saying that…hopefully the people I told that about can see this :confused:


They better not add a fucking option to buy founder status. We placed out trust in a game far before we were able to test it, whereas people “upgrading” to founder could have had countless hours of testing before they were sure they wanted to commit money. Dont get me wrong, I’m happy about my $100+ spent on the game, I just feel founders have been shafted a bit, even with the 30k free keys we got.


I’m not saying you buy founder just an “upgrade” or “hero” pack of sorts because the credit gain it is mind numbingly slow, I just got 24 credits for a 11min match, it feels ridiculous.


I do agree however. Even as a founder with all but 2 of the characters unlocked (have no desire to play them) and the 30k free keys I’m really feeling the hurt. Maxing out at 50 keys a match, which is terrible when the only perks I need still are tier 3s